Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Before the New Year..

..I thought I should write on more entry.

I've been meaning to get on, but I'm too lazy and don't really get around to do all the things I intend on geting done.
But, here I am, typing this up! So all is well.
I do still have to put on my next Supernatural recap,, but I'll do it before the next episode airs.

So, what's been happening since last time you might ask?..
Well Twilight has been happening of course!!
I am SO happy with the movie, and stoked for Rob Pattinson!
I imagined him as Edward anyway when I was reading the books before I found out he was to be Edward, so it all worked out for me!
He is soooooooooo HOT! :D:D:D
Completely gorgeous!
The movie is SO good also!!
I've seen it 5 times.
Saw the special advanced screening with Bec, Emily C, and Elly on the 7th Dec.
Then I saw it with Emma, twice.
Then on the computer coz I couldn't wait to see it the second time with Emma.
And then at the drive in while the rest of my family saw Mirrors. (Thank goodness for the radio and headphones...)
So yeah! I really wanna go see it again!
I'm at quoting stage now.
Actually, I was at quoting stage after seeing it for the first time..
But believe me, it's real good!

I got the soundtrack for Christmas! (which Jack gave me, which I knew about before hand because I sat on it when I sat on his bed before Christmas! He shouldn't leave things laying around!! lol)
And the CD is great!
Rob sings on it!! I LOVE his song 'Let Me Sign', which is in Twilight during the scene when Edward has to suck the venom from Bella's arm..
It's real good!, but it's not on the CD.
But his other one, 'Never Think' is.
It's the song playing during the restaurant scene!
Anyway, I'm currently all obsessed with Twilight.

And, as I've been told, it's kinda unhealthy.
Cause I get so wrapped up in this imaginary world, wishing it was real.. when it isn't.
So it just depresses me lol
But oh well.
It gives me something to look forward too,, the next time I see it!!

So, in 22 days i'm off to Japan!
I can't wait.
I'm kinda like shit scared!
I find it hard enough to socialise with English speaking people in my own country, let alone Japanese speaking people in their own country!
It's gonna be freaky!!
And all their rules of ediquite and stuff,, what if I do something wrong and offend them??
So I'm scared as all hell!
But I suppose it should be good!

And I finally got a new iPod! YAY!
So no more listening to music and it dying on me after 30 secs!
A pink nano thing. The new ones.
It's pretty good.
And with me being the obsessive compulsive person that I am, I've had to go along and put album art to every song!
If I didn't it would have annoyed me!!
So yeah..

Can't really think of anything else at the moment.
I'm supposed to be over at Slap and Trace's place,, but I came home to quickly write all this out.
Once agin, if I hadn't have done it, it would have been pissing me off!
So I did it!!
Anyway, I gotta get some more beer for dad and head back next door.

So, Happy New Years!
Good bye 2008, hello 2009!
(I was gonna say that I hope 2009 is better than 2008, but as I looked up to see what I had written before I pressed enter to the next line, I noticed I wrote 'hell 2009'.. so what's that telling me, huh??)