Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Leaving For Japan

So, tonight at 11pm I gotta be at the airport, ready to leave for a 1.20am departure on the 22nd.
I'm like super scared! I feel all sick, and I'm all hypo, and can't calm down, and it's making me feel worse!!
Hopefully I'll be able to settle down!
I nearly all packed.
Just gotta check everything, get it weighed to make sure it's under 20kg.
So yeah...

This is the first post for 2009! Woo!
That's pretty cool!
I've gotten most my homework done.
Well, not literature, or English.
But English I'll finish when mum gets home, and lit I'll take to Japan.
So it's all good.!

And yes, I'm sorry to anyone who bothers reading this, but I must mention Twilight lol
OME! haha (Oh My Edward!)
How lame is that lol
I did not come up with that!

Oh, I think I'll mention this little random fact.
The other day while at Emma's place we were watching Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire (ahhh Cedric), and during the ball scene, when they're all moshing with that rock band playing, if you look carfully, when it shows Herminone dancing with Victor, Cedric is behind her! LOL
We called it a CD! A Cedric Discovery! lol
We had the movie playing in slow motion to pick up things!
I think we should have a name.
The CDS; Cedric Discovery Squad!

Anyway, that's it for now..!