Sunday, September 21, 2008

Travis Barker.

I can't believe I'm only just finding out about this now.

But if you haven't already heard, Travis Barker (ex blink-182 drummer, Plus 44, Box Car Racer, Transplants) has been critically injured in a place crash that killed 4 people, including Chris Baker! (Travis' assistant..)

DJ AM was also injured along with Travis.

I think we should all pray for a speedy recovery.How am I supposed to go to my blink 182 concert if something happens to Travis.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Supernatural: Lararus Rising


Season Four-Episode One
We start off with a recap to the tune of 'Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC and within seconds of that we witness flashes of Dean in what looks to be hell. Dean is buried god knows where, with nothing but a lighter. He eventually breaks through his coffin and the ground above him to find himself surrounded by stakes or tree logs or something of some ritual.
He gets up and walks to a deserted gas station. There he gets water and food (and has himself a look at a 'Busty Asian Beauties' magazine..). Dean looks into a mirror and has flash backs of hell and his shredded body. He lifts up his shirt and there are no marks at all., except on his shoulder where a hand print has been burnt into his skin. All of a sudden a TV becomes static and a high-pitched deafening noise is heard which shatters all glass around. Once it has stopped he goes outside to a phone booth and tries to ring Sam, but his phone is disengaged, so Dean rings Bobby. When Bobby answers and Dean tells Bobby his name, Bobby doesn't believe it's Dean. Deans tries several times but can't get through to Bobby.
Dean then turns up at Bobby's house, where Bobby tries to kill Dean, still not believing he is alive. Eventually, after Dean cuts himself purposely with a silver knife, it seems Bobby believes Dean. (Until they're talking and Bobby suddenly splashes Dean with holy water!) After that it's pretty obvious Dean is who he says he is.
Bobby and Dean talk about what's going on. Going by the alcohol around Bobby's place you can tell it's been a hard 4 months since Dean died. Bobby tells Dean that since his death he hasn't heard from Sam. Sam just kinda of went off on his own. Very quiet and different. Dean gets the GPS on Sam's phone turned on and they track him down. Pontiac, Illinois. The same place where Dean had just risen from the grave.
Together they travel back to Pontiac to a hotel where Sam is with a girl, Kristy. When Sam sees Dean he assumes that it isn't the real Dean, and like Bobby, he tries to kill him. Bobby explains it's the real Dean, and then the brothers hug. (AWW!)
Sam tells Kristy that Dean is his brother, and then shows her out. Once she's gone Dean and Bobby accuse Sam of bringing Dean back from the dead. Sam denies having anything to do with it. He says he tried everything he could. He tried opening the gates of hell, he tried bargaining but no demon would deal. He wished it was him who brought Dean back, but it wasn't him. Dean believes him and they sit down to talk.
Sam apologises to Bobby for not keep in contact saying that he was pretty messed up, just as Dean picks a bra up from the couch (lol!) Sam had been chasing down demons and they led him to Pontiac, and it just happened to be at the same time Dean got out. Sam then returns to Dean his amulet. (It's so sweet!!) Dean goes to the bathroom, and while looking into the mirror he again has flashbacks of hell.
The boys are left with many questions, so Bobby says he'll take them to see a psychic friend of his. As Sam and Dean get into the car, Dean notices that there is an iPod jack in his stereo. Once he starts the car and Sams music starts playing, he picks up Sam’s iPod and throws it in the back seat.
On the way to see this psychic Sam and Dean talk about what happened the night Dean died. How Lilith blasted Sam with this burning light, but nothing happened. Dean asks about Ruby, and Sam says he guesses she's dead or at least for now. He then asks if Sam has been using his 'freaky ESP stuff', but Sam says no, saying that it was basically Deans dying wish that he didn't use them and so that's what he did.
Bobby and the boys turn up at the psychic's house. Pamela Barnes. She knows about Dean and thinks their next move is to perform a séance. After a bit of flirting between Dean and Pamela, they start the séance. A little way through the séance a TV switches on to nothing but static and the exact same thing happens now as what happened at the gas station with Dean. Pamela says a name, Castiel. Soon everything starts shaking and then Pamelas eyes burst and bleed. She collapses to the ground, completely blind.
It's a new day and Sam and Dean are at 'Johnny Mac's Diner' talking about the night before. Sam hangs up his phone just as Dean finishes ordering. Pamela is alive and out of ICU, but blind. Dean says they do know one thing, Castiel. With the right 'mumbo-jumbo' they can summon him and bring him to them. Sam says it's a bad idea. Pamela had taken one look at the thing and her eyes burned right out of her skull. Sam had tracked some demons in town. He thinks they should hunt them down, 'someone's gotta know something about something'. Then the waitress gives them their food and sits down at the table. The boys asks what's she's looking for, then she says 'sorry, I thought you were looking for us', then her eyes turn black. Everyone one else in the diner stands up, showing their black, demon eyes also. The demon waitress asks questions as to how Dean got out, but he doesn't know. The demon threatens Dean, but then Dean turns the tables saying that someone big, higher up than her wanted Dean out. That it would be stupid to try and kill him because obviously someone wanted Dean alive and if he were to die, then someone would come after her. Then Sam and Dean get up and just leave.
Sam thinks they should go back in and kill them, but Dean says it's a bad idea and that there could be more of them. Sam tells Dean that he's been hunting a lot of demons lately, to which Dean replies 'well not anymore, the smarter brother is back in town'.
That night, back at the hotel, Dean is asleep, but Sam gets up and leaves.
Then Dean is alone, and the TV turns on, static again. He gets up, notices Sam is gone, then that high-pitched noise is back. It shatters the mirrors everywhere. Glass is crashing all around him, his ears start to bleed, and then Bobby busts into the room. They leave the room and get in the car. Dean rings Sam and asks where he is. Sam says he's gone out to get a burger, then we see that he's sitting in the car, outside the diner. Dean says that Bobby is back and that they're going out for a beer. Bobby looks across to Dean, knowing well that they aren't going out for a beer. Bobby asks why Dean lied to Sam and Dean says that Sam tried to stop them from summoning this thing (Castiel). Dean tries explaining to Bobby that this is what they have to do. Bobby says that they could use Sams help with this, but Dean says that Sam is better off where he is.
Sam is now walking into the diner. While inside he sees a person lying dead on the floor, eyes bleeding. Then a demon attacks him. The female waitress. They fight and then Sam sees that her eyes have been burnt out of her skull, but she’s still alive. She says that she saw it, the thing that dragged Dean out of hell. She says she saw the end, that they're all going to die. Sam asks what was it, but all she responds with is 'go to hell'. Then Sam just stands there, reaches his hand out, pointing towards this demon, and suddenly it's like this demon is vomiting. Vomiting itself from the human body. The demon gets send back to hell, and the female body collapses, unfortunately dead.
Then Kristy walks in, saying that Sam is getting better. Sam then says 'what the hell is going on around here, Ruby?' (OMG!! haha! AWESOME right??) Ruby says she doesn't know. But no demon could drag someone outta hell and back into their body. No demon can do what's going on. Not Lilith, nothing she's ever seen
Then we're back with Dean and Bobby in some empty warehouse place. Bobby is drawing symbols on the ground while Dean prepares a whole lot of weapons. Then Bobby begins the summoning ritual.
Back at the diner Ruby asks Sam if he's going to tell Dean about what he can do. Sam said no. He wants to, he's just not sure of how too. He's not sure if what he's doing is right. He doesn't know if he can trust Ruby. All he knows is that he's saving people and killing demons and that it feels good. So he's going to keep doing what he's doing.
Then at the warehouse nothing is happening, and Dean asks if Bobby did the summoning ritual right. Then all of a sudden there is like a very strong wind outside. Then a man comes walking in. They try to shoot the man, but nothing works. Dean picks up a knife and asks the man who he is. The man tells Dean he is the one who grabbed him. Dean says 'thanks for that' then stabs him. But nothing happens. He just grabs the knife out of his chest and grabs hold of Bobby and Bobby collapses. Dean checks to see if Bobby is alive, and the man says that he's still alive. Dean asks who he is, and he says his name is Castiel. Dean says he figured that much, he means what is he. Castiel says he is an angel of the Lord. Dean says he doesn't believe him, that there's no such thing. Castiel replies that that's Deans problem, he doesn't have faith. Then something like lightening flashes and in the light you can see these wing shadows on the roof, coming out of Castiels shadow. Dean asks him what kind of an angel he is? He did burn out the eyes of an innocent woman after all. Castiel says that he warned her not too look at his true self, that it can be overwhelming to some, but Dean already knew that. Deans makes the connection that it was him at the gas station and hotel. The high-pitched noise was Castiel talking to Dean, but only certain people can hear what he's saying, and obviously Dean wasn't one of them. Castiel says that he's actually possessing a man at the moment, a devout man who prayed for it to happen. Dean still doesn't believe Castiel is who he says he is. Dean doesn't know why an angel would want rescue him from hell. Castiel says that good things do happen, but Dean says not in his experience. Castiel then says Dean thinks he doesn't think he deserves to be saved. Dean asks why he did it and Castiel replies 'because God commanded it.. Because we have work for you'..
OMG!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! BEST SEASON PREMIER EVER! of the benefits of youtube!
Aired Monday October 6, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008


So it's a very exciting time at the moment! Japan trip is all being organised!!! I'm so super excited for it!
We had the Japan tour meeting! And they had me ready to buy, lol! I was ready to walk from the classroom straight onto a plane!
And then we have Japanese people coming over for exchange! And I'm totally having a person over!!! I can't wait!!!
I've been practising things to say and everything! Just so I don't make a complete fool outta myself!
But yeah! I can't wait for Japan!!!
I'm getting my passport done! Waiting for my birth certificate! Got my passport photo done today! (Which was HORRIBLE!!!! My hair is in desperate need of a wash! The lady was like 'okay, now time to look serious', and there I am laughing, not being able to keep a straight face! Then in my photo I'm like trying to suppress a laugh! So naturally I look like a complete tool!)
So, mum and dad have to see the tax man on Monday, and if we have to pay alot of tax, dad said I won't go. But if we have extra money, then I can go.. as long as I get a job during the summer holidays.
But I was talking to mum and she said that between her and me, I'd be going!
So YAY!!! It's just so incredibly EXCITING!!!
I'm obsessed with all things Japanese at the moment!
Kohei Uchimura and Hiroyuki Tomita, the Japanese gymnists.
And L'arc En Ciel, Japanese rock band.
Japanese exchange students.
Japan trip!
OMG!! lol.
I'm probably a little bit over the top at the present moment,, but who cares!! WOO!
nihongo ga daisuki desu!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Don't Wanna Lose You... :)

Okay, I've just been thinking (which I know, can never be a good thing) and I've decided I don't want to lose the friends I have now.
I was filling out a survey thing on myspace, because my life is that exciting. And a question asked 'Do you think your falling away from anyone', or something along those lines, and it got me thinking..
I don't really belong to a group of people. I'm a bit of a drifter.. (that was the word.. drifting.. 'do you think you're drifting away from anyone..) so yeah..
Every year I seem to end up with a new group of friends.
Year 7 - Stacey, Mel, Alana..
Year 8 - (gosh, I have no idea.. lol)
Year 9 - Started with Hannah, Stacey, Liz.. those girls. But they would be talking to bball people, talking about people I didn't know.. and I just felt left out. So I went with Lauryn, Angela... and that group expanded, then broke up..
Now Year 10 - I've got Bec, Emma, Elouise, Elly, Emily C, Emily D,... and all those girls. And they're a great group of girls.
But my point is, every year I seem to lose touch with people and just leave everyone, and have to start all over again.
It's not that I'm not friends with those girls, because I am. It's just we aren't as close anymore.
But I think I've finally found a group of people I feel comfortable with. People who don't care what I look like, or who I am, or how stupid I can be.
They have a certain level of interest in me. And I like that. I finally feel somewhat apart of a group of friends!
And I just don't know if that once this year is over if everyone will still remain friends and keep what we have through to next year. I've never really had a sturdy group of mates, and I just don't want what I've got now to go away!
I know it sounds all lame, but that how I feel!
So deal with it!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

New World

Yep, I have found another rad song by japanese rock band L'arc En Ciel!
So here it is.
It's called 'New World'

Sunday, September 14, 2008

L'Arc En Ciel!


Okay, so while searching aimlessly on the internet I came across this awesome japanese rock band! Seriously, I LOVE them!!
And who are they? L'Arc En Ciel. That's not even japanese, it's french,, but it translates to 'arc in the sky' or 'rainbow'.
Hyde is the vocalist; Tetsuya "Tetsu" Ogawa - bass, backing vocals; Ken Kitamura - guitar, backing vocals; Yukihiro Awaji - drums.
Anyway, that's not important. What is important is that they're good!
Two songs that I really like are 'Drink It Down' and 'Ready Steady Go!', which you can hear (and watch) right here! Isn't that cool!
Yes it is! Thank you!

'Drink It Down'

'Ready Steady Go!'

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Funniest thing I've heard all day!!!

SPS - Spork and Society!

So, today in Sport and Society we were playing handball! EW!
I suck at all ball sports! Especially when the guys are all ARGH! and throwing it violently the way in which they do! Then the year 11's came over and joined! OMG! So dangerous!
My life was in serious danger!! I was in fear for my most valuable life!
So, as you do, Emma and I used our initiative and our musical creativity, and came up with the most awesome musical fusion going around!
We re-created (possibly the best version EVER!) 'row, row, row your boat'. With Emma's bib (netball bib, cause the schools to tight to give us those ribbon things to wear), she was 'rowing' with it. And the perfect song to go with a rowing action is of course 'Row, row, row your boat'!
So we made up a song, and this is how it goes:
'Row, row, row your bib, gently down the court.
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, not doing sport!'
I like to think so.
This lesson also consisted of singing a very awesome Barney song.
'I like to eat, eat, eat, (ee)pples and b(ee)n(ee)n(ee)s.
I like to ate, ate, ate, (ay)pples and b(ay)n(ay)n(ay)s..' etc etc.
So yes.
Quite a fun time! lol

Thursday, September 4, 2008


This is a little bit delayed, but better later than never!
The other day in Health with Emily Cope and Emily Dryden we did all these different tests! Some were so stupid! To do with cheese! And llamas! It was crazy! But I showed them this IQ test that I had done the night before, and this self esteem test I also did.

Click here for the self esteem test.
Click here for the IQ test.

Now come on, how realistic can they be? They're internet tests! But they have to have some level of truth about them. I got 133 in the IQ test and 33% in the self esteem one! LOL! How bad is that?! 33!! Oh well, something to improve on!

Anyway, thought I'd post them here so you can 'learn more about yourself' too!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All Saints..

All Saints last night.
Dude! It was horrible! Mark came on screen and my eyes got watery, that was it. Then at the end, after it had finished, John Howard came on screen and said something like 'recently everyone at channel seven and the cast and crew at All Saints lost a beloved friend, Mark Priestley...' and he just went on to talk, and he gave out the Lifeline number (11 13 14) and then there was a little tribute.
And OMG! I was balling my eyes out!
I didn't actually realise how upset I actually was!
Like, he was one of my favourite actors, my favourite actor and character on All Saints, and he was so gorgeous and cute and ah! I just loved him! And it's weird knowing that he's just not here anymore.
But it's confusing too, because I'd never met him, didn't know him, never spoken to him, yet I was this upset? And It's just weird because I don't have the right to be this upset about it! At least I don't think I do.
But I think it's because I just get so emotionally attatched to everyone and everything. And I think it's sad that he was that unhappy that he left so much behind and left so many people!
And I obviously don't know what he was going through, but there have been times where I've just wanted everything to end and to take the easy way out. I've never actually attempted to end my life, but those thoughts sometimes cross your mind. And while thinking those things sometimes, I never really thought about how my family and friends would feel.
But now, after this happening, I've realised that if I'm this upset over Marks death, then can you imagin how the people around me would feel if anything happened to me?
I just think it's horrible.
And so yeah, last night I was like crying for ages! And I'm telling myself to stop! But I couldn't! It was horrible! Then one thing leads to another, then I end up crying for whole new reasons! But I'm good now, so no need to panic!
I'm a happy little vegemite as bright as bright can be!

St. Peter's Athletics Carnival!

So today was Athletics Day.
It was pretty cool! I was in the walk (came last), shot put (came near last), and then at the end some people came over like 'we need another person in the relay! please!!!' I was like, yeah it could be fun, so I said yes. Then I realise they're not even in my house colour, they were in red, not green.
But I still did it. I was good for the forst 50m, then I died! lol. It was funny. So that's motivation to get fit!!!
And I'm pumped to go for a swim now!!
Anyway, we ate lots of food! Emma H and I got food on Monday night after school (cause Aths Day was supposed to be on Tuesday, but the cancelled it cause of weather, which ended up being fine anyway, and they re-schedualed it for Wednesday, today). So anyway, we had Pitos chips, Black Forrest Chocolate! (YUM!! ULTIMATE CHOCOLATE EXPERIENCE!!), Chocolate Fudge Chocolate, Strawberries and Creams! (YUM!!), and Jelly Jubes! Annnnnnnd, a large Nudie Juice!! (YUM!!!)
So it was all good!
But the school was playing shitty rap/dance/techno music! EW! We wanted 'The Middle' by Jimmy Eat World, so because I was too scared to ask, I got Jack to ask them to play it, but they didn't have it!
And the whole day I was texting Dylan cause he was bored.. (happy? You're in my blog! lol!! HELLO DYLAN!! p.s. he's a pretty cool person. You should be friends with him.)
So yeah. I'm very motivated now to become fit! Next week, hopefully, I'm going to the gym with Emma V and Janice. HOPEFULLY!!! Well I will, with or without them!!
Anyway, it was a good day today. The weather was good. BUT IT'S TOO SUNNY!! I GOT BURNT!! Not as much as I normally do, but that's cause I put sun screen on early in the day and kept putting it on, but I still managed to burn! Now I'm sitting here with a layer of moisturiser on my face!!!