Friday, August 29, 2008


Okay, so Emma Hurdiss and I have created possibly the greatest game ever, pirades! It's picture charades, which is basically pictionary.. but who cares! We play using the handwriting tool on MSN! And so we never forget, here are some of our pictures! (In order we did them!)


Jyssica's Drawing: 'Transformers'!


Emma's Drawing: 'Neighbours'!


Jyssica's Drawing: 'Titanic'!


Emma's Drawing: Hamish and Andy!


Jyssica's Drawing: 'Stairway To Heaven'!


Emma's Drawing: 'Be Not Afraid'!


Jyssica's Drawing: 'Supernatural'!


Emma's Drawing: 'Little Nicky'!


Jyssica's Drawing: 'Our Lady Peace'!


Emma's Drawing: 'House'!


Jyssica's Drawing: Eggplant!


Emma's Drawing: Bowling!


Jyssica's Drawing: Harry Potter!


Emma's Drawing: 'Call On Me'!


Jyssica's Drawing: 'Spice Girls'!


Emma's Drawing: 'The Simpsons'!


Jyssica's Drawing: 'Shrek'!
LOL! It's so much FUN.!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rest In Peace

There's nothing much to say really, I'm at a loss for words. Shocked is how I'm feeling right now.
Mark Priestly, famous for portraying Dan Goldman on the Australian drama 'All Saints' has sadly passed away.
It's extremely sad that anyone could end their life the way in which he did.
I really hope he's in a better place now, with no more troubles.
I have no idea whatelse to say.
May he rest in peace, he wll always be remembered.


09/08/76 - 27/08/08

For the Daily Telegraph report, click here.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Okay, so some congratulations are in order.

1) To Matthew Mitcham of Australia for his awesome diving last night!! GOLD MEDAL AGAINST THE CHINESE!! That was such a great effort and he really deserved it! After every dive he would smile and wave to the camera, he was really having fun! And to come away with the gold!! Congratulations!!

and 2) Congrats to the Norwegian Javelin Thrower, Andreas Thorkildsen. Not only did he completely smash the competition, but he is quite an attractive guy! =)

But the Aussie girls Basketball team.. Why couldn't you beat those Americans?!?! Gosh! Next time you better!!! It's one of the few basketball games I've actually sat through to watch, you we lost. DAMN IT!

Oh, and another thing.. I just want to say how I hate how during the diving there are like 12 competeitors but they only show dives from around 6 people, until they get to the last dive for the round and then they show all 12 peoples dives.! I only saw one dive from Thomas Daley!

And just something that I thought was really sad that happened.. did you see that Columbian Weightlifter who couldn't lift the weights? How sad was that. He look shattered and so devestated. I felt so sorry for him. And then the German weightlifter who won! That was nice. He's wife had died a year before, and he held up her photo when he got his medal! I thought that was awesome.

There were actually alot of stories that were sad and so inspiring! I like those things! They make winning, or even just making to the olympics so much more sweeter!

Anyway, today's the last day of competition! And that sucks! I don't want it to end!! I like watching other people work hard and use up every bit of energy while I sit on the couch eating chips and drinking chocolate milk.! I really should do something before I become obese...

Alright, one more thing.. When channel seven goes to ads, you know how they have those little recaps thingys? Well, TWICE I've heard Angels and Airwaves!! Once before going to an ad, and once when coming back from and ad! AND, during the womens beach volleyball in the first week, I heard Angels and Airwaves. You know when someone scores, and they play like 10 seconds of a song? Well, the intro for 'The Adventure' was playing!! I thought it was exciting!!

And while on the olympic topic I wanna congratulate all the Aussie athletes.! Especially the swimmers! I have a soft spot for swimmers. You all made Australia proud!! And you kept me occupied for 16 days!! =)

Friday, August 22, 2008

2008 Beijing Olympics!!



I'm like taping it while I'm at school, so the tape is set for 11am to 6pm. I get home, watch the tape and catch up to the TV. Then the tape is set from 7pm to 2am, I wake up at 6am in the morning and I watch whatever I missed while sleeping! Then I start all over again for a new day! That way I don't miss a thing!!

During the first week when the swimming was on, mum would text me results! (I don't care much for the athletics, I find week two to be less exciting that week one).

How good was the swimming! It was awesome!! GO AUSSIE GIRLS!!! They kicked ass!
Annnnnnnnd,, MICHAEL PHELPS! OMG! What a legend! He is such a talent! I 'm really glad he got his 8 gold! As much as I wanted the Aussies to win the mens relay, I wanted Phelps to get the gold. Best case senario, dead heat for first. But second is alright too for us.

And the gymnastics! Kohei Uchimura! ADORABLE! And Hiroyuki Tomita.! Okay, they're Japanese, but still. Kohei is just so cute! I wanna take him home in my pocket! And for a Japanese guy, he does have a sense of attractiveness to him! Same with Hiroyuki. So shut up and leave me alone!

Come on, Kohei! Cutie!

God, I'm just loving everything Olympic related! My phone background is the Aussie flag, my ringtone is the Aussie anthem, I have 'I Still Call Australia Home' and 'We Are Australian' on my phone, and I wear green and gold hair bands to school! I'm just so darn patriotic at the moment!!!

It's gonna suck when it's over! Which is like this coming Sunday. Today's Friday, so it's like 2 days. DAMN!



It's been sooooooooooooooooooooooo long since I've written in here. Like, YONKS!
My birthday has been!
14th June!
Happy Birthday to me!
I had Emma over, and Dani, and we watched movies!! It was fun!
I don't even remember what I got!
I really should have updated earlier!

Jared Padalecki had his birthday! lol! July 19th.
So, Happy Birthday to him for then! =)

What else..

I had a Supernatural party.
Emma, Katie.. they came.
44 episodes!
2 days!
It was super awesome!
and Emma made these rad supernatural cup cakes. With monsters and supernatural-related things on them!
They were sick as!

And yeah.
They were probably the main things I wanted to put onto the web.
Not as much for you as it was for me.
Just so i got it down somewhere. =)
I got something else to write about, but it can have it's own post!!!