Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Moon.. and other stuff

SO, I got New Moon the other day. Finished that in 2 days too. To be honest it wasn't as good as Twilight.
There was no where near enough involvement from Edward! And Jacob,, gosh he's starting to annoy me! But still., the last couple of chapters, probably 18 onwards, were awesome.!
So yes! And now I'm borrowing Eclipse from Emily.
Which brings me to 'other stuff'.
I have an oral presentation to do tomorrow in English. Which I'm dreading! Dude, I cried when I tried talking to the teacher about not doing it. I cried last year. I hyperventilate and go red AS! and completely freak out!
So this should be great.
So, in order for me to go ahead with this, mum has bribed me. Do the presentation, she'll buy Eclipse for me.
(She doesn't know I'm already reading it, and I feel really guilty.. So to make myself feel better I'm not reading that much until she buys it for me..)
But so far Eclipse is awesome!
And now I think I must go and do some stuff on this oral.. Argh!

Supernatural: Monster Movie

Season Four-Episode Five
Dean and Sam are driving into Pennsylvania to investigate a vampire murder but Sam is somewhat distracted by the upcoming end of the world. The brothers find themselves at Oktoberfest. After buying pretzels and admiring the local women, the brothers spot Sheriff Dietrich and approach him claiming to be FBI agents. He takes them to the morgue and shows the murder victim. He then directs them to the witness, Ed Brewer, but warns that Ed isn't reliable. They go to find Ed and talk to the waitress, Jamie, who directs them to Ed. They ask him for details and he explains that he was walking through the park when he spotted a man kissing the victim. Ed's description is a perfect match for the movie version of Dracula, complete with Transylvanian accent.
Jamie talks with another waitress, Lucy, who daubs her lipstick on a napkin and moves off. Dean and Sam go back to the bar and Sam notices the napkin. Dean figures that the "vampire" is an imposter and wants to just hang out at Oktoberfest. He asks Jamie for a date and then informs Sam that he's come back from Hell completely restored, and wants to get rid of his restored virginity. Sam goes back to the hotel and Dean tells Jamie that the case isn't weird enough for them to stick around.
A couple are making out on lover's lane while a wolf howls in the distance. A wolf-like man approaches the car then rips the man out of the car as the girl, Anne-Marie, screams.
The next day Sam and Dean talk to Anne-Marie and confirm that she saw a classic movie werewolf kill her boyfriend Rick Deacon. They go to the morgue and examine Rick's body, concluding that the murderer was supernatural. However, the killer didn't remove the heart, indicating it's not a werewolf like the ones they fought. Dietrich reveals that they've found wolf hairs on the body. They head back to the bar and discuss the fact that werewolves don't have actual wolf hair. Jamie comes over and agrees to a date with Dean that night.
At the Canonsberg Museum, a guard discovers that an Egyptian sarcophagus just appeared on the dock. As he calls for confirmation, a mummy emerges from the sarcophagus. The guard's gun proves useless and the mummy strangles him. The brothers go to the museum after the police secure the scene and discover the sarcophagus is from a prop house and the "mummy" used dry ice for its smoke. Dean leaves Sam to check it out and goes to meet Jamie. She takes off when he isn't there and walks down the street… only to find Dracula behind her. He corners her in a dead-end alley and refers to her as the reincarnation of his beloved. She sprays him with pepper spray and runs past him and into Dean. Dean, unimpressed, punches Dracula but the vampire quickly overwhelms him. The vampire calls Dean "Harker" but Dean yanks on his ears and rips one off, then yanks off his medallion. Dracula runs away and Dean goes after him. The vampire climbs over a locked gate and drives away on a scooter.
Back at the bar, Dean shows Sam the ears: it's the skin of a shapeshifter. Dean also shows him the medallion, which belongs to the same prop house as the fake sarcophagus. Sam figures that the shapeshifter is reenacting horror movies and Sam recognizes the names Mina and Harker as characters from the novel Dracula. It must be fixated on Jamie, meaning he's been around her. Jamie doesn't recognize anybody who might be acting strange, but does note that Ed moved in a month ago and her friend Lucy claims he has a crush on her. He works as a projectionist at the old movie theater in town. Sam goes to investigate while Dean explains to Jamie about the real monsters that roam the world. She figures out he's not really FBI and figures that his life must suck given all the responsibility involved. Dean admits it used to weigh on him… until he had a near-death experience. Now he admits that things are different and he saves people, and it's his mission from God. She checks to see if he's celibate and he admits it doesn't. They kiss but are interrupted when Lucy comes in. She came to get a bottle and wishes them well, but Jamie invites her to stay for a drink.
Sam approaches the theater and finds Ed playing the pipe organ. Sam pulls his gun on him and yanks on Ed's ear, only to discover that it's real.
At the bar, Lucy dabs her lipstick on a napkin and talks to Deana and Jamie, who start to pass out. Dean punches Lucy, distorting her face and revealing "she" is the shapeshifter. Jamie collapses and Dean breaks a bottle and tries to hold Lucy off but collapses. He wakes up, clad in lederhosen, in a basement laboratory that Lucy has set up. The shapeshifter is in his Dracula form and reveals that "Lucy" was an actress from a horror movie. The shapeshifter believes he's Dracula and all the other characters, preferring them to real life. Dean points out what happens at the end of monster movies, but Dracula is confident he'll write the ending. He prepares to electrocute Dean, thinking he's Jonathan Harker, but the doorbell rings. The shapeshifter goes to answer the door and finds a puzzled pizza delivery boy. As he pays for the pizza, Sam returns to the bar and finds the napkin, and realizes Lucy is the shapeshifter.
Jamie wakes up to find Dracula waiting for her. Still thinking she's Mina, he asks her to put on the gown he's provided and offers her pizza. The shapeshifter finally snaps and orders her to put it on. Meanwhile, Sam arrives at Lucy's house and slips in. The shapeshifter apologizes for scaring Jamie, who tries to convince him he can't make the movies real. He notes that he has spent his life being called a monster and his father tried to beat him to death. He finally found the great monsters of the movies and has taken on their strength by assuming their forum. The shapeshifter hears something and Jamie calls out for Dean. He knocks her out while Sam finds Dean and frees him, and they break through a fake door to make their escape. They find Jamie but the shapeshifter throws Sam through a wall and beats back Dean. Dean knees him in the groin and tries to go for the gun loaded with silver bullets. The shapeshifter throws him back… but Jamie grabs the gun and shoots him. As he dies, the shapeshifter admits that perhaps that is how the movies should end.
The End..?
Aired Monday October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I have finally taken the time to enter myself into the phenomenon that is Twilight.
I've been meaning to read it for ages! but just haven't got around to doing so. But I bought it on Thursday, and finished it yesturday, Friday, and LOVED IT!
Everything about it is fantastic.
It's a novel with vampires! What's not to love about that?!
Not to mention how easy it is to fall in love with a certain character, Edward Cullen.
Seriously, the description to this guy, the vampire, just makes you wonder if there really is guy out there like him.
It's a real fascinating novel, and I'm dying to read the next one. Which I wanted mum to buy today. But she kept putting it off, so now I'm getting it tomorrow!
Or so I've been told. But I will get it tomorrow one way or another.!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Supernatural: Metamorphosis


Seasons Four-Episode Four
Sam and Ruby are interrogating a demon about Lilith's whereabouts but the demon is defiant. He taunts Sam until the latter forces the demon from the body with his psychic abilities. Ruby looks on with approval… and they're both unaware that Dean is watching them from the shadows. As he tries to reassure the human host, Sam assures Ruby that the headaches have gone. Dean comes in and demands to know what's going on. He realizes who Ruby is, in her new host body, and attacks her. Sam manages to separate them and Ruby takes the human host outside while Dean stalks off, angry.
Later, Dean returns to the hotel and starts packing to leave, then punches Sam repeatedly and wonders what Sam has been doing. Sam apologizes and explains that his way, most of the victims survive. Dean warns that it's a slippery slope and that if he didn't know Sam, he'd be hunting him. Sam explains that he had to find a way to fight when Dean was gone. Dean explains that Castiel wants it stopped, meaning God doesn't' want it involved. They're interrupted when Sam gets a call from a man named Travis about a man named Jack Montgomery in Carthage, Missouri.


Jack is on his third steak as his wife Michelle looks on in astonishment. Later he brushes his teeth and suffers from sudden intense pain. His back contorts and twists in agony.Sam and Dean head for Carthage and Dean explains what happened to him in the past. He admits that their mom and dad were awesome, and Sam wonders what the point is of the Yellow-Eyed Demon bleeding in his mouth. Realizing he didn't describe that part of his encounter, Dean gets Sam to admit he knew about the demon blood for a year.
Jack goes down to get a snack, unaware that the Winchesters are watching him. He starts eating all the meat in the refrigerator, literally stuffing it into his mouth whether it's cooked or uncooked. They return to the hotel to find an old family friend and Hunter, Travis. He explains that Montgomery is a Rugaru, a flesh-eating monster that starts human and transforms into a demon that eventually seeks out human flesh. Once they get a bite of human flesh, they transform forever. Travis killed Jack's father, who passed on the condition to his son. Travis had hoped that Jack didn't have the affliction but has discovered otherwise.
At home, Michelle is preparing supper when she cuts her finger. Jack stares at her blood in fascination, but then runs out before he can give in to his new urges. He goes to a bar and starts eating all the peanuts, then notices a man hitting on a girl. Jack tells the man to get lost and insults him, then catches the man's fist when he throws a punch and breaks his hand. Jack runs off in horror at what he's done.Dean and Travis prepare blowtorches to kill the Rugaru while Sam returns with the research he's been doing. Some Rugaru have never transformed as long as they avoid eating human flesh. Travis insists they're fairy tales and every Rugaru he knows has given in to its impulses. Sam suggests they explain what's going on to Jack so he can fight it, but Travis disagrees. Sam refuses to kill Jack unless he does something evil. He storms out and Travis wonders what the matter is.
Jack returns home and Michelle is angry at him for abandoning her. He apologizes and she eventually accepts it and he starts to make out. He becomes increasingly violent, biting at her neck, and she shoves him off. He runs out, upset.
As they drive to Jack's home, Dean wants to know if Sam is going to follow through if he needs to. Sam insists that they give Jack a chance and Dean wonders if Sam is too emotionally involved. Sam tells Dean to pull over and then explains that he's been lying to Dean because Dean has been treating him like a freak. He admits that he does feel like a freak because of the blood curse, and he's trying to make something good out of it. Dean agrees they should talk to Jack and they go to his house where Jack is out watering the lawn. They explain what's happening and Jack admits he's been noticing strange things going on. Dean explains what will happen and that they'll have to stop him, but Jack orders them off of his property.
Jack walks the streets and refuses to take Michelle's calls. When he sees a woman undressing in her bedroom window, he climbs up and Dean and Sam go after him. Jack sees himself in the window and leaves, while Sam and Dean burst into the woman's room and make a hasty exit. Jack returns home to greet Michelle, only to discover her tied up. Travis grabs him from behind and chloroforms him unconscious.
Jack wakes up tied up next to his wife. Travis apologizes and explains that Jack will eventually transform. He tells Jack to explain and Michelle demands an answer. Travis tells Michelle to reveal what she told him: that she's pregnant. Travis prepares to kill both of them and Jack goes into a frenzy, transforming as he thinks of his wife dying. He breaks free and attacks Travis, breaking his arm. Jack bites into Travis' neck and rips out a chunk of flesh, then feeds. Michelle looks on in horror as Jack turns to her, covered in blood. He advances on her… and unties her. She tells him to stay away and runs outside to her car. Jack advances on Travis' corpse while outside, Sam and Dean arrive. They enter the house and see the blood trail, and follow it to Travis' mostly-eaten corpse. Jack attacks the brothers and knocks them out.
Sam wakes up locked in a closet, Jack is outside and tells him Dean is alive and Sam needs to calm down. Jack thinks that Sam sent Travis there to burn his wife alive. However, when he realizes Sam doesn't know about Michelle's pregnancy, he doesn't mention it. Jack starts lapping up the unconscious Dean's blood and realizes he can never see his family again. As he talks to Jack, Sam uses a coat hanger to try and pick the lock and explains that he knows what it's like to have a monster inside. Jack tries to restrain himself but reaches for Dean… and Sam breaks out. He grabs the blowtorch and sets Jack on fire, killing him.
Later, Dean tells Sam that he did the right thing and there was no going back for Jack. He apologizes for being hard on Sam and admits the psychic thing scares him. Sam would rather not talk about it but Dean demands an explanation. Sam says he has to deal with it, and Dean assures him he doesn't have to do it alone. Sam says he's done with using his powers: he's choosing it for himself, not for Dean or God or anyone else.
Aired Monday October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Supernatural: In The Beginning

Season Four-Episode Three
While Dean sleeps, Sam slips out and Ruby picks him up. She asks if he's ready and he insists he is. Meanwhile, back in the hotel room Dean has a dream of Hell and then wakes up to find Castiel sitting next to him. The angel tells Dean that he has to "stop it" and touches Dean's forehead.
Dean wakes up on a park bench in a small town. He tries to make a call on his cell phone but gets no signal. He goes to a nearby diner and asks a patron where he is. The man tells him that he's in Lawrence, Kansas. Dean asks him where he can get reception for his cell phone and the man mistakes it for a Star Trek communicator,. then wonders when Dean says that Sonny and Cher broke up. Realizing something is wrong, Dean looks around and sees everyone wearing 1970s clothing and a newspaper date of April 30, 1973. An older man comes in and talks to Dean's new acquaintance, and refers to him as John Winchester. Dean realizes the person he's been talking to is his father and stares. Young John wonders if they know each other and Dean quickly denies it. As Young John leave, he stares at Dean for a moment and then departs.
Dean follows Young John and runs into Castiel, who explains that angels can bend time and Dean has to stop something. Castiel disappears before Dean can get an answer. Meanwhile, John is buying a VW van when Dean arrives and convinces him to buy the Impala instead. Introducing himself as Dean Van Halen, Dean asks if any weird activity has happened in town and creeps Young John out. Dean apologizes and takes off while Young John buys the Impala. He heads to his girlfriend's home and sees him get together with Young Mary. He follows them to a diner and watches as they argue over the fact that Mary's father is over-protective and doesn't want Mary involved with John. Mary steps away for a moment and Young John considers the engagement ring he has for her. Outside, Dean is watching when Mary grabs him and demands to know why he's watching them. He manages to subdue her… then notices the charm bracelet she's wearing and realizes that she's a Hunter.
Later, Young John drives Mary home and drops her off. Dean is waiting for her and says he's a Hunter as well. He insists on meeting her father Samuel and passes the initial test. Samuel orders him out, saying he doesn't trust Hunters. Mary's mother Deanna invites him to dinner, where he spars with Samuel. He claims he thought something was after Young John and Mary notices Samuel's disgusted look. Samuel admits John's a nice civilian but Deanna interrupts before they can argue. Samuel is working a job at the Whitshire farm where farmer Tom Wiltshire died after falling into his combine on a barren field. Dean suggests they team up but Samuel would rather work alone.
The next morning, Samuel goes to the farm disguised as a priest and takes Mary with him. as they go in, Mary notices a teenager leaning against a tree in the yard. He finds that Dean is already there, disguised as a priest. He's been talking with Beth Wiltshire, the dead man's husband. Things were normal on the form. However, Mary is talking to Tom's son Charlie, who admits that his father used to beat him. Charlie says that a stranger came a week ago and asked Charlie what he wanted, and Charlie told him he wanted the beatings to stop. The stranger said he'd come calling in 10 years, but Charlie thought he was a nutcase. Dean figures Charlie sold his soul to a demon without realizing it. Mary gets a description of the stranger: a man with yellow eyes.
Dean warns the Campbells they're all in danger and tracks down the Colt, which currently belongs to a Hunter named Daniel Elkins. Dean gets out his father's journal, which has a list of everyone who was in contact with the yellow-eyed demon. Included on the list is the next victim, Liddy Walsh: the yellow-eyed demon's next victim. The Whitshire Farm incident is listed and Samuel wonders how it could be in the book: Dean claims that his father could see the future. Samuel admits he thinks Dean is crazy but Dean insists he's going to kill the demon once and for all. Dean prepares to leave but talks to Mary and says he thinks she and Young John are destined to be together. He asks her what she sees in John and she admits he's nothing like a Hunter. She figures Young John is going to ask her to marry him and she plans to accept, even if she has to run away. She'll do anything to get away from the life of a Hunter, have a family, and be safe. She insists he won't let her children be raised like she was. Dean makes her promise to remember to not get out of bed on November 2, 1983. She agrees and Dean leaves.
Dean heads for the Hunter with the Colt but finds Castiel sitting in the car next to him. The angel explains that Dean has to handle this on his own, and Sam's not looking for him. Castiel explains that if Dean alters the future, all the people they saved will die. Dean admits he cares about those people, but he can't let his parents die. Castiel disappears on him again.
Dean breaks into Elkins' house but Elkins draws a shotgun on him. Dean points the Colt at him and asks to borrow it for a couple of days. Elkins considers the matter… and lets Dean go. Meanwhile, Samuel mentions to Mary that Dean plans to kill a demon that is targeting Liddy Walsh. Liddy is a friend of Mary's and Mary insists on going to help her.
Liddy is meeting with a man who offers to collect something from her in ten years in return for curing her father. His eyes glow yellow… and Samuel comes in and shoots him down. The demon knocks Samuels's gun away and slams him into a wall telekinetically. Mary tries to attack him with a knife but the demon holds her off and says he's impressed with her. Dean arrives with the Colt, which the demon recognizes. Mary breaks free and the demon escapes out of the host before Dean can shoot it.
Mary tells Dean about the demon's interest in her, and Samuel compliments Dean. However, Dean tells Samuel in private that if they don't kill the demon, Mary will die. When Samuel wonders how Dean knows what he knows, Dean explains that Mary is his mother and Dean is his grandson. He warns that now is the moment when the demon fixated on Mary, and they need to work together to stop it. Outside, Mary goes to Young John and asks him to take her away, now. They leave together.
Dean tries to convince Samuel who admits there's… something about Dean. He finally believes Dean and they go back to John's list. Samuel asks to see the Colt but Dean refuses. Samuel's eyes glow yellow and he telekinetically shoves Dean back against the wall, immobilizing him. The demon realizes that an angel is involved and that even though Dean doesn't have psychic abilities, a brother or sister does. Dean realizes that the deals the demon is making is to get the children and breed them into his personal master race. The demon is still interested in Mary, while Dean notices that Deanna is trying to get the Colt. Dean distracts the demon by asking what its plan is. The demon boasts that his endgame is a perfect plan but he doesn't plan to reveal it to Dean or the angels. Dean dares the demon to look into his eyes and realize that in the future Dean will kill him. The demon doesn't believe it and then takes out a knife and stabs Samuel's host body. Deanna screams and goes for the Colt, but the demon throws her away and then advances on her. Deanna crawls for the gun but the demon grabs her and breaks her neck. Dean gets the Colt and gets to Deanna, only to discover she's dead and the demon has left. He realizes where the demon is heading next.
Young John is parked with Mary and offers her the engagement ring. "Samuel" arrives and yanks her out of the car, then breaks Young John's neck when he interferes. The demon shows Mary the lethal wound on Samuel's body. Mary vows to kill him but the demon offers her a deal: he'll resurrect Young John if Mary grants him permission for him to visit in 10 years. He refuses to tell her for what but promises that no one will get hurt if no one interrupts him.
Dean arrives to find the demon kissing Mary. He draws the Colt but the demon leaves Samuel's body, leaving it dead on the road. John comes back to life and Dean realizes what's happened. Castiel appears and takes Dean back to the future, while John and Mary look at Samuel's dead body.
Dean wakes up in his bed with Castiel standing over him. He didn't change anything, but Castiel admits it was impossible for Dean to change his destiny. The angel sent Dean back to learn the truth, then admits they don't know what the demon's endgame is, or how it involves Sam. Castiel gives Dean Sam's location and warns that Sam is heading down a dangerous road. He tells Dean to stop Sam… or they will.

Aired Monday October 13, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Supernatural: Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester

Season Four-Episode Two
A Hunter, Olivia Lowry, is dozing off in front of her TV when it flickers. The room grows colder and she goes to the closet to get an EMF meter. After confirming large amounts of spirit activity, she gets a gun out of her arsenal. The phone rings and Bobby calls and leaves a message asking for help on her answering machine. Olivia turns and sees a dead man standing before her, a man she recognizes. She fires and it dissipates, giving her time to make a circle of salt. The dead man appears and she apologizes, and then turns to see a dead woman who thrusts her hand into Olivia's stomach.
Dean and Bobby meet with Sam and brief him on their encounter with Castiel. Dean doesn't believe Castiel is an angel but Sam is less skeptical. Bobby confirms that the research shows an angel can take a soul from Hell and admits that it seems likely God is involved. Dean wonders why God has chosen him when he's just a regular guy and admits he's creeped out. They start doing research on angels and Dean sends Sam out to get some food. Sam meets with Ruby, who wants to know if an angel is involved. When Sam confirms it, Ruby prepares to leave while warning that angels smite first and ask questions later. She doesn't know much about them except that they're dangerous to her kind.
Sam returns to find Bobby and Dean packing to check on Olivia, who hasn't returned her calls. They arrive at her house and find her corpse and an unbroken salt line. Bobby is unable to get hold of any other nearby Hunters and they figure something is up. Dean calls another Hunter, Jed… who is dead the same way. Dean and Sam confirm Jed's death while Bobby finds two other Hunters dead. They head for Bobby's place and stop for gas en route, unaware that someone is watching them. Sam refills and goes into the washroom while Dean sleeps in the Impala. Sam notices the temperature drop and turns to see the ghost of Special Agent Hendrickson behind him. The spirit explains that Hendrickson didn't survive and blames Sam for his death. He slams Sam around and throws him to the floor, but Dean arrives and dissipates him with rock salt.
Bobby is at his place when the temperature drops and the radio spews out static. Bobby takes a poker and goes hunting, and sees a ball bounce down the stairs. He turns to see the ghosts of two young twin girls. Sam and Dean head back for Bobby's house and arrive the next morning. They split up and Sam goes outside, unaware that Bobby is being held in a junked car. Inside, a door slams and Dean turns to confront the spirit of Meg Masters, the human host that the body possessed. She explains how she was a college girl possessed by the demon and conscious the entire time the demon murdered people. She's not thrilled that Dean had her throw off a building and had hoped that he would help release her. She gets close enough to punch him, knocking him to the ground. She kicks him and then accuses him of getting her killed with his recklessness. As she grabs him, Dean notices a symbol on her right hand.
The two girls are holding Bobby in the car and blame him for not saving them, then start to smother him. Nearby, Sam notices the temperature drop and starts searching the junked cars. Meg blames Dean for her sister killing herself after discovering Meg was dead. Outside, Sam finds Bobby and the ghosts knock him back. He manages to dissipate one of them and Bobby sends away the other.
A battered Dean crawls away from Meg and draws a gun. She says she's immune to bullets but he shoots the iron chandelier above her. It falls down, dissipating her. They get together and compare notes, and Dean describes the mark on her hand. Sam saw the same mark on "Hendricksen's" hand and draws it. The temperature drops again and Bobby takes them to a ghost-proof panic room in the basement. The brothers prepare salt shells while Bobby researches the symbol. Dean wonders why God isn't involved and why people are suffering. Bobby explains that the symbol is the Mark of the Witness. Someone forced the ghost to rise and they exist in agony. The summoner was so powerful he left the mark on them. The ritual, the Rising of the Witnesses, figures into an ancient prophecy of Revelations: a sign of the Apocalypse.
Bobby has found a spell to send the spirits back to their final resting place but the components are outside in the house. They arm up and head out, and confront Ronald Resnick, who died fighting a shapeshifter. They start collecting components throughout the house and are forced to split up. The twin girls appear and Dean dissipates them and then sends Dean to the kitchen. The twin girls appear again and Bobby fires. Upstairs, Meg appears to Sam and talks about what he's doing with Ruby, who has killed dozens of innocent girls. Sam blows her away. Downstairs, the ghosts seal off Dean in the kitchen by closing the doors. Hendricksen confronts Dean and explains that it took him and the others 45 minutes to die when Lilith decided to torture them slowly for fun. Hendricksen thrust his hand into Dean's stomach but Sam arrives and dissipates the ghost just in time. They get back to the library and Ronald appears, but then disappears before Dean can shoot him. The windows burst open and the wind blows in, scattering the papers and the salt. The ghosts appear and Dean and Sam run through their ammunition holding them off. Finally they're out of ammo and Meg pins Dean against the wall and he uses an iron poker to hold off the spirits. The twin girls close in on Sam, while Meg thrusts her hand into Bobby's back. Dean just manages to catch the components and throw them into the fireplace, completing the ritual and sending the ghosts back to where they came.
Later, everyone is sleeping when Castiel appears to Dean. He congratulates Dean on their success and notes that he's not there to help Dean but to fight in a larger war. Dean wonders where God is and what he's waiting for. Castiel informs him the Rising of the Witnesses is one of the 66 Seals, which Lilith is breaking to bring on the Apocalypse. Castiel explains that the last Seal opens and Lucifer walks free upon the Earth. The angels walk the Earth to stop his summoning. Castiel warns Dean that he can throw him back into Hell as easily as he removed him… and disappears. Dean wakes up the next morning and is left to wonder if his conversation was a dream. He asks Sam about his belief in God and angels, and notes that Sam must also believe in the Devil.
Aired Monday October 6, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Eagle Eye

So yesturday was the last day of school holidays. Well, it was more a student free day than anything, but still.. I call it holidays.
Anyway, I finally got to see Eagle Eye. Even if it was with Jack.
It doesn't matter though. I got to end my holidays with a Shia LaBeouf cinema experience!
The movie was fast paced and action packed, even if I did feel the story line was a little bit confusing.
But then again, even if I didn't like it, I'd say I did. I'm biased. So you can't really go by what I say.
But I'm not the only one to say it's good, so therefore do take my word!
Anyway, it was awesome!! Shia was fantastic, as per usual.
And I've noticed this thing he does, where he always scratches his nose, or eye area. Let's just say the face. He does it all the time.
Holes is on TV this weekend. Saturday I think.
Watch him, I bet he'll do it in that too! And that was years ago! Hell, go back to Even Stevens and he does it!
Anyway, that's my little obsessive observation done for now.
So basically, the movie kicked technological ass and I loved it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So basically I've done nothing these holidays.
There are just 2 days left. Tuesday we go back. And I've done nothing.
I only just started my maths homework yesturday. And now I have an entire assignment to do that I've had 4 weeks to complete.
What have I been doing instead?
Watching TV! :)
Hired seasons one and two of One Tree Hill. Bought seasons three and four.
That's kept me occupied for a while.
And boy am I loving it! Offically hooked on that show.
And I bought Supernatural season three.
And I've watch it.
Getting psyched for Monday, when Supernatural season four starts!
I can't wait.
DOUBLE epsode.
'Lazarus Rising' & 'Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester'.
Yes, so I've already seen them via youtube, but now I'll be watching it when the rest of Australia watches it!
Well, the fans of the show.., or just those that watch it.
Still, it's exciting!
And the gag reel on the Supernatural box set. LOL.
Jared and Jensen are so funny.!

AND I'm pissed.
Because I haven't been to the movies yet and I'm desperately needing to see Eagle Eye.
I better see it before the holidays are over!

So yes, that's what's been happening. Nothing!

we did lay grass though in our backyard. on grand final day. the day i was meant to go to luna park with friends from school. but instead i got sick. and layed grass. :)

More Ranting

I'd like to know when it all ends. Or if it does end at all.
The constant seeking of approval from everyone. Or maybe that's not what it is. I don't know.
I'm tired of waking up in the morning and hating what I see in the mirror.
We've all felt it at some time. That apathetic feeling when you just don't care anymore.
Or you're standing there, staring, asking yourself 'why'?
Why do we feel that we have to be what everyone else wants us to be?
Altering our personalities to fit in.
Is it to impress the opposite sex? To make proud our parents, teachers and bosses?
To be accepted by our peers? To feel comfortable and wanted by our friends?
Or is it just so we can live with ourselves?
Everyone has something they want to change about themselves.
And we always tell ourselves 'I'll get around to it., just not now..', I just don't know what it is exactly that I'm waiting for.
I wish I knew.
I would like to end by saying that I'm going to change. I'm going to do something to change how I feel about myself.
But that's a lie. It's something I'd like to say. Not necessarily something that's going to happen.
Something, anything, give me motivation. Please.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Are you for real?

OKay, so while I was making lunch yesturday this lady came over to talk to dad about something to do with basketball.
Anyway, I was making 2min noodles. And I was putting them in my bowl, then I got the sour cream out and put some in my noodles.
And the lady was like 'eww. omg.' and I'm like '..what?'
WELL.. Apparently you don't put sour cream in 2min noodles.!
WTF? I've been doing it my whole life. And now I'm being told I'm wrong! What's wrong with the world?
Is that weird? Because I thought it was totally normal up until yesturday..
I put sour cream in just about everything.. And I'm now finding out that it doesn't go in everything.
Then I asked mum and she's like 'nah,, you get that from me. It's not normal, but if you like it, it's okay..'
Well, I'm not going to change it,, but I always thought it was normal :(

Anyway,, that's it :)