Wednesday, December 30, 2009


In terms of updating this blog, I have become very lazy indeed. However, I’m here now, so that’s all the matters.. I thought I’d get another post in before the New Year, a little reflection on a year that was..

As 2008 drew to an end I was so psyched for 2009! There was a Supernatural convention that I was determined to go to; New Moon was being released, as well as Transformers2; and most importantly, I was going to Japan!! 2009 was going to be a fresh start. And you may think, “You’re 17 (I was 16 at the time), what could you possibly need a fresh start for?..” Well, I’d done things that I wasn’t proud of. Not towards other people, or anything that would affect anyone else; but things that affected me, things that I personally had to deal with and live with everyday.

So, 2009! Japan was amazing! It was one of, if not the most incredible experience of my life! It is something that I’ll always look back on with fond memories! Whether it was taking part in traditional Japanese activities such as tea ceremonies and wearing Kimono’s, or singing songs and quoting Harry Potter at the top of our voices through the streets of Japan, I will always remember what an amazing and educational experience it was – a once in a lifetime experience.

Transformers was released, New Moon was released, and they were fantastic!! I love my movies, especially when I’ve been so anxious for their release, so excuse me when I get excited over something so insignificant. Friday the 13th with Jared Padalecki and My Bloody Valentine with Jensen Ackles were also released! Anything that involves my boys is exciting!

HOWEVER, I didn’t get to go to the Supernatural convention. I was so mad! I had the money, I was all set. But mum and dad didn’t want me going to Sydney.. I guess that’s understandable, but to me it with was a matter of life and death! (But it’s okay, I’m going in 2010! There’s one in Melbourne!! Tickets are already bought and everything!)

And, possibly the most exciting news of 2009, BLINK 182 GOT BACK TOGETHER!! Man, I always knew they would. People tried to convince me that it’d never happen. They told me to just let it go, that they were done with. BUT THEY WERE WRONG!! Blink 182 got their act together, toured the US, and now they’re set to bring out an album in 2010! Which, I’m hoping, also means a world-wide tour.. Australia, GET READY!!

All in all 2009 seemed to be a good year – on the surface. It’s incredibly easy to hide your emotions when you’ve been doing it for so long. I told myself 2009 was going to be a new start, but if anything it was a step in the opposite direction. I suppose I came out of it okay, but it was a tough journey. I was on the edge for so long, years of suppressing every negative feeling I’d ever thought, hiding it from the world.. until it all became too much. “Poor little me”, huh.. But I found comfort in two dear friends of mine. They both helped in different ways; one was the listener, the other provided comfort. They didn’t have to be conscious of what was happening to be able to help, and that was nice. Despite my support system, trying to deal with school and everything else was hard, though I didn’t let it show. I always knew that what I was doing at school I could do better, but to be honest I just didn’t care anymore. Then, out of nowhere and completely unexpected, I got some mail :) and that was a turning point for me. There was no way I was okay, and everything didn’t suddenly go away, but I was different. I looked at things differently, and most importantly I was trying. I no longer gave up because things got hard. When I wasn’t in a good frame of mind, I found different alternatives to channel my thoughts into. One of those alternatives being this blog... not all the time.. but sometimes.

2009 was a mixture of emotions. It was fun, epic, entertaining, difficult, draining, life changing. Now 2010 is around the corner. I have year 12 ahead of me. A year that I’m terrified of and dreading, yet a year that holds much to look forward to.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where have I been?

It seriously has been ages since I've updated. I guess my reasons for that are fairly simple; a) I've been relatively busy, and b) I've had nothing to say.
Well, me being me, I've always got something to say, but nothing that I've really thought warranted a post. Ah well.

I still have to update my Supernatural reviews, gosh.

Anyways, exams are next week. Really can't be bothered with them. They're year 11 exams, as if they're even important. However this Friday is my year 12 Methods exam 1. That's sure to be heaps of fun. My motivation level is currently at zero, so it should be interesting to see how this all works out. I can see myself seriously regretting not putting in the effort now, so I just try not to think too far ahead. Problem solved. For the time being.

Well, this was pretty unsubstantial, I apologise for that. I might come back with something a little more interesting when I'm in a better mood.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Okay, I'll admit it. . .

So, I know this might cause a slight uproar, but I don't mind... I think it's time the truth came out...


Draco Malfoy. Love him.!

Explanation: Tom Felton. AWESOME!

Further explanation: You can't say, if you've seen the Harry Potter films, that you saw the first one without thinking 'awww, that Draco kid looks so cute. He may grow up to be quite dashing'. Perhaps not the words you'd've used, but still, something along those lines.
Then, you may have seen the others and have thought something like: 'hmmm, not what I was expecting. Not too crash hot, but not extremely bad.." (Personally, I didn't think he was all that bad in The Prisoner of Azkaban).
Anyway, I always thought he was awesome. I distinctly remember thinking "wow, all Tom's are attractive. Tom DeLonge, Tom Felton.. hmmm".
And then, last night I saw The Half-Blood Prince. GOSH! Okay, I was right all along, and I no longer need to keep my little fascination to myself because quite clearly it's there for everyone to see!



Monday, July 13, 2009

Colours. They're all around us. You can learn a lot from colours, you know. The world is made up of them, and if it weren't for them, we wouldn't exist; we couldn't exist.

Black enables you to hide, to disappear. It's very disguisable, you know. It's safe. How can you be in danger when nobody can see you? There is so much that black can take away. It's reliable. You can always count on it to appear at some stage no matter what. It's inevitable. It is brought down upon everyone, it takes the world into it's arms and protects us all. It happens to be the colour of the most exciting time of day; the colour of twilight. The colour of dreams and enchantment in our very own unique worlds.

Well, that's my random thought for the day.
"This fall I think you're riding for - it's a special kind of fall, a horrible kind. The man falling isn't permitted to feel or hear himself hit bottom. He just keeps falling and falling. The whole arrangement's designed for men who, at some time or other in their lives, were looking for something their own environment couldn't supply them with. Or they thought their own environment couldn't supply them with. So they gave up looking. They gave it up before they ever really even got started."
- J.D Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Supernatural: The Monster At The End Of This Book

A man lies on his couch and has vision of Dean and Sam.

At a comic book store, Dean and Sam arrive pretending to be FBI agents and talk to the owner. They ask about flickering lights, strange noises, and cold spots, and the owner thinks they're playing a live action role-playing game. The owner thinks they're pretending to be Sam and Dean, supernatural hunters from a rare series of books. He shows them the first book, written by Carver Edlund, which tells the tale of two handsome hunters battling the Woman in White.

The brothers buy all the books and determine everything in the books follows their lives, and the last book tells of Dean going to Hell. After checking the Supernatural fan sites, the guys try to track down author Carver Edlund. When that doesn't pan out, they go to the publishing office and talk to Edlund's publisher. She oohs and ahhs over Dean and Sam in the books being so brave. She wonders about their credentials and they prove they know everything about their fictional counterparts. Sam then tries to get Carver Edlund's real name but the publisher refuses to give out his name until they show their tattoos. She shows them her own tattoo on her butt and Dean is duly impressed. She gives them the address of Chuck Shurley, the author's real name.

Chuck is working on a new Supernatural. story about Dean and Sam approaching a ramshackle house, as outside Dean and Sam approach Chuck's ramshackle house. Just as he finishes writing them ringing the doorbell, they ring the doorbell. They explain who they are but he doesn't believe them. The brothers persist and demand to know how he knows so much about them. He doesn't believe them until they show him the Impala and their trunk of hunting equipment. When they mention the most recent events that he hasn't published, and their last names that he never published, he finally accepts they're who they say he is. Chuck thinks he's a god and blames himself for ruining their lives. They figure he's psychic and ask if he's writing on anything now. Chuck tells them his latest book features him writing himself into the book as an author who meets his characters.

The guys go to a nearby laundromat to read Chuck's newest manuscript which is detailing everything they're doing. Meanwhile, Chuck is at home and having visions of Sam meeting an attractive blonde woman in a hotel and going to bed with her. He jerks awake, horrified.

The guys go back to Chuck and he tells them that Lilith is coming for Sam that night and will seduce Sam into fiery demonic passion. Sam doesn't believe it and Dean points out Lilith is a little girl. This time she possesses a dental hygienist from Indiana. Sam insists he won't go to bed with Lilith but Dean isn't so sure. They take the manuscript and Sam reads a section of Dean putting on flowered band-aids after an accident, and a tarp covering the rear window. Dean warns they're not ready for a match with Lilith. As they get to the town boundary, the police warn that the bridge is out and there's no other way out of town.

The guys go to a diner and Dean suggests they do the exact opposite of what the book says. Dean orders a veggie tofu burger for starters. Sam suggests they try to get the jump on Lilith using the story. Dean doesn't believe it but they try to argue calmly, the opposite of how they usually do. Dean gets his veggie tofu burger and thinks it's delicious… until the waitress admits she gave him his usual bacon-and-cheeseburger.

The guys pull into a by-the-hour motel, the Toreador, which has nothing to do with the "Red Motel" the book says they'll be staying at. Dean puts out hex bags then tells Sam to stay put, watch porn, and avoid doing any homework while he searches for Lilith. However, as he leaves, all of the lights on the Toreador sign go out except RED. Dean parks the Impala, but as he walks away he spots two kids breaking into it and tries to stop them. As he crosses the street he gets hit by a minivan.

Sam calls Chuck to the motel and asks if he knows about the demon blood. Chuck knows and points out that Sam has to know sucking blood is wrong. Sam admits he can't stop, but he thinks Dean can't handle stopping the Apocalypse. Chuck suggests Sam does it because he likes the feeling of power, and admits that as far as he can tell it's all coming down to Sam.

Dean wakes up as the woman driver apologizes to him. Her daughter has put flowered bandages on Dean, and the thieves broke the back window of the Impala. He puts a tarp on the window and goes to see Chuck at his home. Dean wants answers, but Castiel arrives to tell him that Chuck is a prophet of the Lord. He's honored to meet Chuck, who admits even he didn't believe what his visions were telling him. Castiel explains that some day the books will be known as the Winchester Gospels. A nervous Chuck slips out and Dean asks how they keep Sam from meeting with Lilith. Castiel warns that Chuck's prophecies can't be unwritten.

Dean drives back to the motel, sees the broken sign, and realizes they're at the wrong hotel. He tells Sam they're leaving but Sam reveals he's burned the hex bags and plans to stay. Dean explains Chuck the Prophet but Sam thinks he has to take Lilith on. Dean figures Sam will go dark side and says Castiel told him all about it. He demands answers but Sam has nothing to say. Dean packs to leave and Sam insists that he's staying. Dean has no choice but to stay.

As he goes to get drinks, a desperate Dean prays to God for help. Castiel appears and says his praying is a good thing. He admits he can't interfere, and Dean says he hasn't asked for anything until now. Castiel says intervention in divine prophecy isn't within his power and apologizes.. Dean warns that he won't be available when they need him. Castiel suggests that if anything threatens a prophet, an archangel will appear to protect him, and they're Heaven's most terrifying weapons. Dean figures out what he's hinting at and drives to get Chuck and bring him to the motel. Chuck is reluctant to get involved, insisting he's just a writer, and Dean tries to inspire him. Chuck still refuses and Dean says he has a gun, and will see who's faster: Dean, or the archangel.

At the motel, there's a knock at the door. Sam opens it but there's no one there. As he closes the door and turns, Lilith appears behind him, her eyes turning white. He tells her the knife is on the nightstand by the bed, but she pulls aside the rug to reveal a devil's trap. She destroys it and tells Sam he'll have to try harder, and he tries to use his power against her. It doesn't work, but she admits he's immune to her powers. She offers to stand down on the opening of the Seals. All Sam has to do is surrender. Lilith claims she won't survive the war against the angels and wants things back to "normal." All she wants is Sam and Dean to sacrifice themselves. When Sam refuses, Lilith wonders how he can put the lives of six billion up against his, and dares him to prove he's not like her. Sam agrees and she says they'll have to consecrate the contract with sex. Sam sit down on the bed with her and they start to have sex. However, he grabs the demon-killing knife and tries to kill her. She yanks it away from him but as Lilith prepares to deliver the final blow, Dean barges into the room with Chuck. The room starts to shake and Dean warns her what's happening. Lilith leaves the host body and departs, as everything quiets down.

Later, the guys hit the road and they figure Lilith would have weaseled out of her deal somehow and they still would be dead. Sam figures that she's scared and promises that she won't survive the Apocalypse.

Chuck is having another vision and wakes up whimpering. Zachariah is in the room and asks if he saw "it." Chuck wonders if it's all going to happen and Zachariah points out he hasn't been wrong so far. Chuck starts to call Sam and Dean to warn them, but Zachariah warns he'll stop him if he tries. Chuck threatens to kill himself but Zachariah warns they'd only bring him back. Chuck wonders what he should do, and Zachariah tells him to write.

The Week That Was

Earlier this week I decided to pack my bags and temporarily escape from the clutches of reality. Monday my mum rang up my Grandma, and on Tuesday I was off to spend the week at their place. It has been quite some time since I last stayed there. Swimming used to get in the way and I could never get any time off. I suppose it must have been 4ish years since my last mini holiday with my grandparents. I felt it would be a good idea if I stayed with them for a week. Personally, I felt it would do me some good, get away from all the hassle of home and school and 'normality', and revisit my much loved childhood. Also, I felt it would be good for my grandparents. I figured they would appreciate me coming around to stay, like the good ol' days! Plus, Grandpa hasn't been well lately, and overall I just wanted to re-establish the relationship I had with them. Not that anything had actually changed as such, but I just felt different and weird and wanted to prove to myself that life was still all okay.

Anyways, I had a pretty good time! Ate SO much! I guess that's what Grandmas do; feed you and feed you, and just when you think you can't handle anymore, they feed you again! But then again, Grandmas are usually great cooks! I know mine is!

I went swimming on Wednesday morning with Grandma. The water aerobics class!! If you think that's easy, think again! I have realised just how unflexible I am, which is quite depressing, lol. We both went to check out some nursing home too. And before you get all 'typical..' on me, we went there because Grandma volunteers there and they just did renovations and the volunteers were there to check everything out! It's the same company or whatever that my mum works at, just a different location.

After that we went to Lilydale. We went inside the shops and Grandma is like 'would you like anything? Any clothes or something?' And I just feel bad making people buy me stuff, so I said no. Then she walks into Millers and is like 'want anything? See anything you like?' I just said, 'Grandma, the resident's cupboards at my mums work are full of clothes from here!' lol. Then we left to go home.

But before we made it out of the car park I remembered a photo I had taken the night before. In my room, on the table behind my bed, there is a lamp that I was using for reading. But behind the lamp were three dolls. I got out of bed to get my iPod, and when I turned to get back in bed, I had these three dolls staring at me with scary shadows from the lamp! As if dolls aren't scary enough during the day! And anyone that knows me would know that I'm scared of dolls (and clowns). So, naturally, I took a photo to prove this horrible image I saw to everyone. And while in the car I showed this picture to Grandma, she thinks I'm nuts! But from then on, after I had shown Grandpa too, every time something happened, we blamed it on the dolls!

I did a lot of homework too, which totally sucked. Homework is unfair! I eventually got all my literature stuff done, that was a total nightmare!

I also played a lot of JezzBall, Mahjong, Chip's Challenge, and Spider Solitaire! The highest score on Spider Solitare was 1200, with 100 moves. Then I have a shot and I take over with 1202, with 98 moves! Not bad, hey?! Give Grandma something to beat!

Grandma and I were also picking tammerella's(?) from the Tammerella(?) tree in the backyard. I've never tried them, don't think I'd like them either. But spent some time out in the garden. The weather was beautiful! The sun was shining, no clouds in the sky, and if there were clouds they were white, fluffy ones! Then of course, the weather turned shit towards Friday.

Friday morning I went to church. It was a mass for the sick where the Priest does the whole anointing of the sick. There were four people there, five including the priest. Me, my grandparents and some other lady. It was... different. An intimate little prayer session. Then Saturday night I went to church again with Grandma. Grandpa wasn't feeling well so he stayed home. I'm Catholic and all, but I don't care much for church and anything religious. Some people might really get something from it, but it does nothing for me. One afternoon while the sun was out, I was sitting out the front of my grandparents place, on a little bricked area near the front door, and I was talking to Grandma (I had interrupted her gardening, but she came and sat with me.) Then she went to garden some more, and Grandpa came to sit with me. And he's religious. Not all like preachy religious, but religion means a lot to him. And he was telling me that as he's gotten older, and as he realises that he doesn't have too long left, that the most important relationship he has is his relationship with God. (I thought he was gonna say family, but my bad.) Anyway, he was talking about how he grew up during the war (my grandparents are both from Holland, moved over to Australia when they were 21 and 23), and how during that time churches were packed because the only thing people could do was pray and hope. Everything else was out of their control. He said that once you've had that feeling of helplessness, and once you've seen you're parents truly scared, you hold onto that forever. He was saying how during times of hardship, people turn to God and pray, but he said that you gotta do that during the times when everything is good too. He believes that we're put on earth, and he trusts God to make the right decision when it's time to leave the earth. I don't know what point this all has, maybe that hearing that from him, considering how sick he is, just hit me.

Anyway, I went to bingo with Grandma on Saturday! I don't care what you say, bingo is awesome!! It's really funny, and I can't believe I'm gonna say this, it's slightly embarrassing. Not embarrassing cause something happened in front of people, embarrassing because I can't believe I react the way I do. I'll have my bingo booklet, and the caller will be calling the numbers, and I'll get down to around 2 numbers left. This particular game has been going a while, no ones called bingo yet, I could be in with a chance. Before you know it all I need is one number, and dude, by this time my heart is pounding!!! lol. I can feel it in my chest, just pounding away! Sometimes I think I'm probably more likely to suffer a heart attack before anyone else in the room. Then someone calls bingo and my heart can resume it's normal pace. But come on, it gets competitive!!! Grandma actually won the first game. And, what did she win you may be wondering? Toilet paper! Yes, exciting!! (There's a prize table at the back of the playing tables, one section if you win a line, another section if you win a full house. You get to choose your prize from the section of the game you won.) Anyway, Grandma won again later on. Twice she won a full house... I think. I know the second time definitely was. Anyway, the second time she won she let me choose something. I got Milo! lol. Then, luckily for me, I won a full house! I totally got a block of chocolate! lol So yes...

This is my photo of proof!


Check out the one on the left... ah!

Supernatural: It's A Terrible Life

It's morning and a well-dressed Dean Smith gets up, has coffee and breakfast, and drives to work in an expensive car. He switches the radio from heavy metal to the financial news, then drives to the Sandover Bridge & Iron Company's office building, where he goes to his office and works as director of sales and marketing. He works through the day, talks TV and diet with his co-workers, and gets a pat on the back from his boss. That night as he gets in the elevator, he finds someone looking at him: Sam. Sam thinks Dean looks familiar but Dean has no idea what he's talking about.

Sam Wesson is taking calls in Tech Support and discussing dating with his co-worker, Ian. Ian wears a personal shirt rather than the company uniform and doesn't shave. They take a coffee break and invite their co-worker Paul Dunbar along. He says he's too busy and seems heavily stressed. Ian notes that he was called up to HR the previous day. In the break room, Ian steals some pencils then asks Sam about the dreams he said he was having. Sam is reluctant but finally admits he had a dream of saving a Grim Reaper named Tessa. Ian thinks it's hilarious. Later, Sam is dozing off at his desk and has a dream of him and someone who looks like Dean Smith killing people.

Sam gets on the elevator and notices Dean again, and stares at him intently. After everyone else gets off and they're alone, Sam asks him what he thinks about ghosts and vampires. He tells Dean about his dreams and wonders if Dean has been having them. Dean denies having any dreams and quickly gets off of the elevator.

Later, Sam is sketching out his dreams and doing a web search on vampires. Ian comes over to see what he's doing and then tells Sam that he got an e-mail ordering him up to HR. Once he leaves, Sam hears Paul complaining that he lost all the work on his computer when it froze up. Paul keeps working into the night, long after everyone has left. Once he realizes that his work is lost for good, he gets up and blankly walks into the break room, breaks the tongs off of a plastic fork, uses it to jam the microwave latch to make it appear closed, and sticks his head in. He then turns on the power and dies.

The next morning, everyone watches as Paul's corpse is taken out. Dean notices Sam looking at him again and notes to a co-worker that something seems wrong. He goes to his office and runs a check on Paul, and discovers that he was having a retirement party in two weeks. Sam has discovered the same thing and wonders why Paul would have killed himself two weeks before retirement. He tries to talk to Ian about it but Ian snaps at him and tells him that his work is important. He's now shaved and wearing a company shirt. They're interrupted when Dean calls him into his office to fill out a form. Ian starts to panic and apologizes profusely. He runs out of the office, sobbing, and goes to a restroom. Dean goes after him and notices that the room has turned colder. A red liquid starts pouring from the faucets and spilling out onto the floor. Ian takes out a pencil and stabs himself in the neck with it. Dean looks up and sees a reflection of an old man in a business suit, but can't find any sign of him in the room.

The police question Dean, but he doesn't say anything about the temperature drop, the liquid, or the strange apparition. Later, Dean calls Sam into his office and Sam explains he started there three weeks ago. Dean notes he did too, and Sam asks if he saw something in the bathroom. Dean finally admits he saw a ghost but thinks he hallucinated it. Sam thinks there may be something supernatural going on, but doesn't have anything to back up his suspicions except his dreams. He tells Dean that both Paul and Ian received e-mails from HR telling them to go to Room 1444, even though HR is on the 7th floor. They agree to check it out immediately.

Another Sandover employee is summoned to Room 1444. The door is old fashioned and inside are nothing but storage shelves. The door closes behind the employee and he can't get it open. The employee notices the temperature drop as all of the computer monitors switch on by themselves. Dean and Sam arrive outside and hear the man yelling. Sam kicks the door in and finds the employee trapped beneath some shelves. The ghost of the old man shoves aside Dean and Sam, then raises a hand crackling with electricity. He starts to touch the employee but Dean hits it with an iron wrench, dissipating it. He admits to Sam he has no idea how he knew what to do.

Back in Dean's office, Sam wonders if they've done this kind of thing before, and he has a feeling that he doesn't belong there and he should be doing something else. They do some research and Dean finds the Ghost Facers site. Ed Zeddemore and Harry Spengler have a recorded instructional video and recommend intrepid ghost hunters figure out who they're up against. Sam discovers that the founder, P.T. Sandover, was a workaholic. Further, there were a number of suicides at Sandover in the past during the Great Depression. They figure Sandover appears during times of economic depression, and drives employees to kill themselves if they fail the country. Room 1444 was P.T. Sandover's office.

Dean and Sam go back to the video where the Ghost Facers say that salt and iron work against ghosts. They mention that they hate the Winchesters, but admit they use shotguns and burn up the remains. Ed and Harry say that if you can't find the body, you have to burn any remnants that are left. Sandover was cremated so they back to Room 1444 to find any trace of him. As they search, a security guard spots Sam and takes him to the elevator. As they start to descend, the electronics go on the fritz and the temperature drops. The elevator jerks to a halt and the security guard manages to get the doors open. They're halfway between floors and the security guard climbs up. Sam is reluctant to follow him.

Dean keeps searching Sandover's old office and finds a framed picture of a bridge that Sandover helped build.

The security guard comes back to get Sam, and the elevator goes down, decapitating the man. Sam goes back upstairs and Dean tells him to meet on the 22nd floor. Among the displays are Sandover's gloves. Dean breaks open the case and the temperature drops as the ghost appears behind them. It shoves them both away and then advances on Sam. He uses salt to drive it away but it appears behind Dean. Sam tosses him an iron poker which Dean uses to dissipate the ghost. It keeps appearing and reappearing until it manages to knock them down and advances on Dean. Sam grabs the gloves and sets them on fire, and the ghost burns up.

Back in Dean's office, they both admit they've never had so much fun in their lives. Sam suggests that they do it for real but Dean is reluctant to just hit the road and fight ghosts. Sam tells him that in his dreams, the two of them fought ghosts together and were as close as brothers. He wonders if that's who they really are, and the ghost scrambled their brains. Dean insists that his life is real, but Sam asks when the last time he talked to his family was. Sam has been unable to get hold of the girlfriend he broke up with, and is sure that they're supposed to be something else. Dean insists that Sam doesn't really know him and tells him to go.

The next day, Dean and Sam are back at work. Sam finally has enough, picks up a poker, and smashes his phone. He tells everyone that he's quitting and walks off.

Mr. Adler comes to see Dean and says he's pleased with what he's hearing about Dean. He gives Dean a bonus and insists he wants to be sure that Dean doesn't go anywhere. Adler assures Dean that with eight to ten years of hard work, he could become a senior executive. Dean thanks him and then gives him his notice. Adler doesn't believe it but Dean explains that he's recently realized he has other work to do, and he's not who he's supposed to be. Adler chuckles and then touches Dean's forehead. Dean finds his memories restored and wonders why he's wearing a suit. "Adler" explains that he's Zachariah, Castiel's superior. He's not happy with Dean's attitude, and admits he set up the entire thing to show Dean that hunting is what he does. Zachariah assures Dean that he'll stop the Apocalypse, and that he has the chance to save people and change things. He tells Dean to stop whining, because there are plenty of fates worse than his. He asks if Dean is ready to stand up and be who he really is.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

One word; EPIC!
I loved it! It had endless explosions that would give any blockbuster a run for it's money! It had Robots! Who doesn't love robots?! (Actually, I don't think robots are cool. Well, I do. Just not evil robots.. technology, remember?...) Anyways, and most of all it had Shia LaBeouf! And I think it must be said, he's finally not looking like a teenager anymore! That guy has been looking 16years-old for years! And he finally looked older, lol. I don't care how old he looks, I love him.

Anyways, Transformers. Very first scene, massive explosions. Jack and I were gonna keep an explosion count going, but we lost count within the first couple of minutes, so we quit. So, the Deceptions were back, with the Fallen in charge. Damn Megatron came back from the depths of the ocean. Then Sam finds a slither of the All Spark that was attatched to his jacket which turns his kitchen appliances into evil robots! Then he starts seeing symbols like his great grandfather, Captain Archibald Witwicky. He has a full on mental breakdown in his class, writing all these symbols on the chalkboard. Then the Decepticons want Sam and the information he has which can lead them to the second energy source that's on earth. Oh, and Optimus Prime dies! That was sad. And Sam nearly died too. One of Bay's explosions! That was sad. Mikaela was crying and saying 'I love you', which is something the two of them hadn't said to each other, and so that got me upset, lol. But come on, Shia looked hurt. All you gotta know, awesome story, awesome characters, awesome movie!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Come here, please hold my hand for now

So, while listening to these songs of mine, I can't help but get very excited! Doesn't music just do that to you? Whether it be an epic solo or build up, or perhaps just really awesome lyrics? Well, that's what I'm going to post, awesome lyrics that I come across while chillin' with my tunes!

Best, you've got to be the best. You've got to change the world and use this chance to be heard. Your time is now.

- Butterflies and Hurricanes (Muse)

For one moment, I wish you'd hold your stage with no feelings at all. Open minded, I'm sure I used to be so free.

- Citizen Erased (Muse)

Wash me away, clean your body of me. Erase all the memories, they'll only bring us pain. And I've seen, all I'll ever need.

- Citizen Erased (Muse)

Let's conspire to re-ignite all the souls that would die just to feel alive.

- Starlight (Muse)

When you've seen too much, too young, soulless is everywhere.

- New Born (Muse)

New born life replacing all of us, changing this fable we live in. No longer needed here so where do we go? Will you take a journey tonight, follow me past the walls of death? But girl, what if there is no eternal life?

- Seize The Day (Avenged Sevenfold)

Seize the day or die regretting the time you lost, it's empty and cold without you here, too many people to ache over. Trails in life, questions of us existing here, don't wanna die without you here, please tell me what we have is real.

- Seize The Day (Avenged Sevenfold)

I can't see the thief that lives inside of your head, but I can be some courage at the side of your bed.
- Thief (Our Lady Peace)

This place is so empty, my thoughts are so tempting, I don't know how it got so bad. Sometimes it's so crazy that nothing can save me, but it's the only thing that I have.

- Pieces (Sum 41)

I tried to be perfect, but nothing was worth it, nothing could ever be so wrong. It's hard to believe me, it never gets easy, I guess I knew that all along.

- Pieces (Sum 41)

Tina's losing faith in what she knows, hates her music, hates all of her clothes. Thinks of surgery and a new nose, every calorie is a war. And well she wishes she was a dancer, and that she'd never heard of cancer. She wishes God would give her some answers, and make her feel beautiful.

- Innocent (Our Lady Peace)

One day, you'll have to let it go, you'll have to let it go. One day, you'll stand up on your own, you'll stand up on your own.

- Innocent (Our Lady Peace)

I see you lying next to me, with words I thought I'd never speak. Awake and unafraid, asleep or dead.

- Famous Last Words (My Chemical Romance)

I can be, anything, that you want me to be. A punching bag, a piece of string, that reminds you not to think.

- Made Of Steel (Our Lady Peace)

They knock you down, I'll pick you up. They laugh at you, I'll shut them up.

- Made Of Steel (Our Lady Peace)

Push it out, fake a smile, avert disaster, just in time. I need a drink, cause in a while, worthless answers, from friends of mine. It's dumb to ask, cool to ignore. Girls possess me but they're never mine. I made my entrance, avoided hazards, checked my engine, I fell behind.

- Story Of A Lonely Guy (blink-182)

It just takes some time, little girl you're in the middle of the ride. Everything, everything will be just fine. Everything, everything will be alright, alright.

- The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)

This is the first (thing I remember). Now it's the last (thing left on my mind). Afraid of the dark (do you hear me whisper?). An empty heart (replaced with paranoia). Where do we go (life's temporary). After we're gone (like New Years resolutions). Why is this so hard (do you recognise me?). I know I'm wrong (well I can't help believing).

- Stockholm Syndrome (blink-182)

When our time is up, when our lives are done, will we say we've had our fun? Will we make a mark, this time? Will we always say we tried?

- Rooftops (LostProphets)

My head is made up of memories, most of them useless, delusions.

- Asthenia (blink-182)

Can you hear me? Are you near me? Can we pretend, to leave and then, we'll meet again, when both our cars collide.

- Helena (My Chemical Romance)

Now I've found a way, getting better everyday, I got you now I'm not alone. All I need in this life is one thing, one thing to believe in.

- Speak Of The Devil (Sum 41)

And you never would have thought in the end, how amazing it feels just to live again. It's a feeling that you cannot miss, it burns a hole, through everyone that feels it.

- Blue And Yellow (The Used)

Should've said something, but I've said it enough. By the way, my words were faded. Rather waste my time with you.

- Blue And Yellow (The Used)

We are the angry and the desperate, the hungry, and the cold. We are the ones who kept quiet, and always did what we were told.

- Prayer Of The Refugee (Rise Against)

So open your eyes child, let’s be on our way. Broken windows and ashes are guiding the way. Keep quiet no longer, we’ll sing through the day, of the lives that we’ve lost, and the lives we’ve reclaimed.

- Prayer Of The Refugee (Rise Against)

You're not alone, there is more to this I know. You can make it out, you will live to tell.

- You're Not Alone (Saosin)

From the darkness into the light, now is your time.

- Wake Up (The Living End)

I need something to numb the pain, forget me and forget my name. Waiting for the time to arrive, no one gets out of here alive.

- Wake Up (The Living End)

I'd show a smile, but i'm too weak, I'd share with you could I only speak, just how much this, hurts me.

- This Time Imperfect (AFI)

Come here, please hold my hand, for now
Help me, I'm scared please show me how

To fight this, God has a master plan
And I guess, I am in his demand
Please save me, this time I cannot run
And I'll see, you when this is done
And now I, have come to realize
That you are, the one who's left behind
Please stay untill I'm gone
I'm here hold on to me
I'm right here waiting
I see, the light it feels good
And I'll come, back soon just like you would
It's use less, my name has made the list
And I wish, I gave you one last kiss
Please stay untill I'm gone
I'm here hold on to me
I'm right here waiting
And take my one last breath
And don't forget
That I will be right here waiting
Please stay untill I'm gone
I'm here hold on to me
I'm right here waiting
And take my one last breath
And don't forget
That I will be right here waiting
Please stay untill I'm gone
I'm here hold on to me
I'm right here waiting
And take my one last breath
And don't forget
That I will be right here waiting
- Not Now (blink-182)
I wanna have the same last dream again,
the one where I wake up and I'm alive.
Just as the four walls close me within,
my eyes are opened up with pure sunlight.
I'm the first to know,
my dearest friends,
even if your hope has burned with time,
anything that's dead shall be re-grown,
and your vicious pain, your warning sign,
you will be fine.
Hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.
Any type of love it will be shown,
like every single tree reach for the sky.
If you're gonna fall,
I'll let you know,
that I will pick you uplike you for I,
I felt this thing,
I can't replace.
Where everyone was working for this goal.
Where all the children left without a trace,
only to come back, as pure as gold,
To recite this all.
Hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.
hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.
hey, oh, here I am,
and here we go, life's waiting to begin.
I cannot live, I can't breathe unless you do this with me.
I cannot live, I can't breathe unless you do this with me.
I cannot live, I can't breathe unless you do this with me.
I cannot live, I can't breathe unless you do this with me.
I cannot live, I can't breathe unless you do this with me.
I cannot live, I can't breathe unless you do this with me.
Hey, oh, here I am (do this with me),
and here we go, life's waiting to begin (do this with me).
Hey, oh, here I am (do this with me).
And here we go, life's waiting to begin,
life's waiting to begin.
- The Adventure (Angels And Airwaves)

Supernatural: Death Takes A Holiday

Season Four-Episode Fifteen
Greybull, Wyoming
Two guys emerge from a goal and discuss their fantasy football game. A mugger approaches them in the alleyway and ends up shooting one of them, Jim Jenkins. The mugger runs off and Jim's friend tries to revive him. Jim gets up and reveals that the bullet hole in his chest isn't even bleeding.
Bobby calls Sam with the information and tells him that no one has died in the last week. Dean seems curiously uninterested, raising Sam's suspicions. He prepares to leave and Dean asks if Sam wants him to go along after Sam said he was holding him back. Sam says that the siren was responsible for making them say what they said but Dean isn't convinced.
In Greybull, Sam and Dean talk to Jim. He thinks it's a miracle and the Lord is giving him a second chance. Jim admits he hasn't made any deals and the brothers quickly leave. They check on the other recently dead and can't find any clue that demonic deals are responsible. Dean determines the last person, Cole Griffiths, who died was ten days ago. Dean wonders if it's actually a miracle but Sam suggests that if the local Reaper is on strike there would be no one to claim the dead. Sam suggests they talk to Cole Griffiths. They go to the cemetery and Sam prepares a ritual to raise Cole's spirit. Dean is reluctant to do the anything, since if they solve the case then the supposedly dead will die again. He points out that they dodge death all the time. Sam points out neither one of them is normal. The groundskeeper arrives and thinks they're devil worshippers. They start to leave but the groundskeeper reveals he knows who they are and they realize it's Alastair in a new body. He telekinetically shoves Dean aside but Sam has grown in power and casts Alastair out of his host body.
Back at the hotel, Dean wonders what happened and Sam lies. Dean knows he's lying and tells him as much. Sam reveals that Bobby called to reveal that the local Reaper has been kidnapped by demons. There's a ritual to open one of the Seals and it involves killing a Reaper under the solstice moon. Sam wonders where the angels are but Dean says they'll have to do it on their own. Sam points out only the dead and dying can see a Reaper, so Dean suggests they become ghosts.
The brothers call in Pamela Barnes to help them. She's reluctant to be called in but finally agrees. Pamela warns that they'll need to practice to be able to affect anything when they're ghosts. They begin the ritual and the brothers leave their bodies and take to the streets. They finally spot a boy in a window who can see them; Cole Griffiths. In the house, Cole's mother visit her dead son's bedroom and wonders if he's there. Cole spins a soccer ball and then throws it and his mother leaves. Sam and Dean arrive and talk to Cole, explaining that he's dead. He already knows and explains that he died of an asthma attack. The Reaper appeared to him but Cole refused to go, and black smoke took the Reaper away. Cole tells them he knows where the black smoke is. The lights flicker and Cole disappears.
A wind blows through the house. As the brothers go upstairs to find Cole, they find a Reaper, Tessa, waiting for them. She recognizes Dean and kisses him, bringing back his memories of when she came to claim him after he went into a coma after the accident. They try to warn Tessa away before the demons capture her, but she says she has to set things straight. She finally agrees but warns she'll start with Cole. Sam goes to Cole's room and talks to the boy. Cole refuses to tell him where the smoke is but Sam lies and promises he won't have to leave.
Downstairs, Tessa admits that Dean is the one that got away from her. Dean talks about how he wishes he had gone with her. She knows about the demon-angel war and Dean wonders about why he got a second chance. Sam comes down with Cole and the boy tells them he saw the black smoke at the funeral home. The black smoke bursts into the house and departs with Tessa. The guys work to master their abilities. Cole shows them how to move objects by focusing their anger.
Once they're ready, Dean and Sam go to the funeral home, which is covered with demonic script only visible in the Veil. Inside they spot a demon guarding the two Reapers, who are contained within a binding rune. Sam and Dean take on one demon but another one runs out and contains them within a circle of cold iron. Alastair, in a new body, comes out to greet them. He shoots Dean with rock salt, causing him to briefly dissipate. Separated from his body, Sam is unable to use his powers. Alastair explains that they need to kill two Reapers to complete the ritual and open the Seal.
At the hotel, Pamela hears someone outside and locks the door, but notices the window is open.
Alastair prepares to kill the Reapers with a scythe. After reciting an incantation, he kills the first male Reaper. As Alastair moves toward Tessa, the brothers manage to bring down the chandelier.
At the hotel, Pamela taunts dares the demon to show itself. It attacks her as she tries to whisper a warning into Sam's ear.
At the funeral home, the Winchesters bring down the chandelier, breaking the rune barrier. Tessa teleports away and removes the chain. They both teleport away and Dean goes to find Sam.
Pamela tries to hold off the demon without success. It stabs her in the stomach just as Sam wakes up and expels the demon from its host. Pamela realizes that she can't die and asks for a drink.
Dean heads for the hotel but Alastair finds him and tells him that he can't run. Suddenly a lighting bolt slams down and he disappears. Castiel appears and explains that they captured Alastair and prevented the breaking of the Seal. The script on the funeral home kept the angels from entering. Castiel explains that he impersonated Bobby and sent them to investigate. Dean wonders why he didn't ask them and Castiel points out they usually do the opposite of what he says. Dean isn't happy that the townsfolk will die and wants to know if they can be allowed to live like he did. Castiel says that he's an exception and disappears. Tessa arrives to ask Dean for his help.
Tessa visits Cole and explains that as long as her mother can feel him, she'll feel pain. Dean assures him that one day Cole's family will be gone and there won't be anything for him. Dean admits that he's scared and they're all scared. Cole finally agrees and Tessa embraces him, causing him to disappear. Cole's mother realizes that her son has moved on. Dean tells Tessa to look out for Cole and she tells him to stop lying to himself. She assures him the angels have a second chance for him but he shouldn't believe in miracles.
Pamela completes the incantation to restore Dean to his body. Her wound starts bleeding again and they realize that Tessa is back doing her job. Pamela curses Bobby and then whispers to Sam that she knows what he did to the demon, and warns that his good intentions don't matter. Dean asks what Pamela said but Sam doesn't answer.
Aired Monday 15th June, 2009

I See You Lying Next To Me With Words I Thought I'd Never Speak

Friday 19 June, 2009 - 7:50pm

I've now been officially seventeen years old for five days. And I've got to say, this last week has been ace!
On Saturday night Emma and Emily stayed over. At 12am they gave me my birthday present. It was this awesome scrapbook that they had put together! It really is quite rad! Then I woke up on Sunday morning and found I had a text from Kirra saying happy birthday and telling me to check my mailbox. So, I checked my mailbox. She gave me a book; The Secret Garden! Which was awesome! I also got a camera from my family! Now that was cool! It's a full awesome camera! So now I can use it when I feel like being a wannabe photographer! From my family I also got Twilight, the DVD.

Then Sunday night I went to the Pancake Parlour with Emily, Emma, Elly, Elouise and Bec. That was heaps fun! Elly, Emma and Emily put together these Supernatural pictures in a frame! It looks completely professional! And from Elouise I got 'The Book Thief', can't wait to get around to reading that. Then I got a Twilight poster from Bec, and some chocolates. Oh, Elly, Emma and Emily also got a chalkboard, lol. And another Twilight poster from Elly. It was a fun night! Pancakes, funny videos filmed on my new camera, weird random guys clapping after singing Happy Birthday, waiters and waitresses thinking we're crazy and a scary bicycle riding clown thing hanging from the roof.

We had Tuesday off school; report proof reading day?.. Just an excuse for a day off. But I had Thursday off as well. So my week has been a bit broken up. I'm really pumped for school to finish. It's not as if we're doing anything anyway. We're not allowed to officially start unit 2 until next term, so there's no real point in even showing up. Anyway, school's nearly at an end, yay!

All in all, things are going alright. It's so random how all this came about. This sudden good mood of mine. Ah well, =]

I think I should list the songs that are currently in my 'Radical Awesome Gnarly Songs' playlist. (lol, yes. I know I'm slightly weird)
(these are in no particular order, just on shuffle!)

Dear Father - Sum 41
Kiss And Control - AFI
Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance
Made Of Steel - Our Lady Peace
In The End - Linkin Park
Story Of A Lonely Guy - blink-182
There Is - Boxcar Racer
Walking Disaster - Sum 41
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
It Ends Tonight - The All-American Rejects
The Adventure - Angels And Airwaves
Silver And Cold - AFI
Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Stockholm Syndrome - blink-182
Love Like Winter - AFI
Valentine's Day - Linkin Park
My Immortal (Rock Version) - Evanescence
The River - Good Charlotte
Innocent - Our Lady Peace
Pieces - Sum 41
Lonely Day - System Of A Down
No, It Isn't - +44
The Hell Song - Sum 41
Angels On The Moon - Thriving Ivory
Rooftops - Lost Prophets
Not Now - blink-182
Asthenia - blink-182
Seize The Day - Avenged Sevenfold
Thief - Our Lady Peace
Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Helena - My Chemical Romance
Speak Of The Devil - Sum 41
Blue And Yellow - The Used
Prayer Of The Refugee - Rise Against
You're Not Alone - Saosin
Wake Up - The Living End
The Leaving Song - AFI
...But Home Is Nowhere - AFI
Tonight - FM Static
Before It's Too Late - Goo Goo Dolls
Work - Jimmy Eat World
that was really hard to just bold my favourites in that list, i pretty much highlighted them all!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Attention: Mission Sonar Overthrow is now in progress

Thursday 11 June, 2009; a day that will go down in history as the start of a revolution.

Please, this is a very important community announcement. It would be much appreciated, more importantly for your own safety, if you would read the following passage.

It has come to the attention of myself, and another brilliant-minded person, the undercover sabotage that it currently taking place within the technological world. In short, what does this mean? Basically it means that technology is rapidly rising up to take over the world! And our aim as well-informed members of society is so overthrow the malicious ever-evolving powers of technology.

Now, all this cannot be said without some hard evidence. It might seem like nothing to you, but this is just simply because you have become desensitised to these wicked acts which have become apart of your seemingly normal everyday lives. Have you ever innocently been using your computer when it will shut itself off? Or perhaps your CD-Rom drive just will not open? Gone to open up an internet website, only to have multiple blank pages open? Or maybe it hasn't involved the internet at all... Ever paused a DVD and walked away from the TV, to come back and press play with the volume up to the maximum? Had troubles with you iPod? Does it pause for no reason? Has it ever just suddenly frozen? Does the screen on your phone freeze and turn white? Does your phone flash for no reason?

The abovementioned "technical difficulties" are just a few examples of the acts conducted by technology. And maybe you're thinking that all of this is an overreaction... but please, this is a very serious situation. If electronic devices have the ability to do these things, can you imagine what they'll be able to do in years to come? Especially with the rate at which technology is advancing! And believe it or not, technology has already learnt how to transfer it's electronic powers into unelectrical devices such as the ordinary ballpoint pen. It may have been a single incident, but it happened to my very own co-partner in this operation.

Now that I'm sure we have your attention, you're probably wondering just how we intend to tackle this seemingly impossible task of overthrowing technology... Well, I'm here to reassure you and let you know, we have a plan! Out there, somewhere in the world, a motherboard of all motherboards is providing technology with the power it needs for total world domination. Our goal; to take down this motherboard! It doesn't sound easy, but with our knowledge and first-hand experiences at the hands of technology, we believe we have what it takes to succeed!

And so it shall be written; the mission of all missions. The mission to take down technology. The Mission Sonar Overthrow! It will be long. It will be arduous. But in the end, will it be successful? Two friends on a mission to find the truth. Two go in, but will both survive? In all likelihood there is a chance of incredible danger and possible death. But we are determined, for the sake of humanity, to give all that we have and step into the world of Mission Sonar Overthrow!

It seems to be the only one I remember!

That is, the only birthday i remember.
Today's Shia LaBeouf's birthday! Happy 23rd birthday!!

It's not that I forget everyone else's, even though that's the exact thing I renowned for doing, but I always seem to be on the computer when I remember Shia's. As opposed to Jared, Jensen and Rob. . . lol. Don't worry about me, I realise how pointless this post is.

Today I had the GAT too. Gosh, BORING! An essay on bees! An opinion piece on material possessions. And 70 multiple choice questions. Three hours of utter boredom! Not too mention how damn cold it was in the hall. Like, I don't think I can adequately describe the level of coldness in that place. Try to imagine sitting on ice in Antarctica during a snow storm, naked! That level of coldness doesn't even come close to what it was in the hall! I was actually shaking, involuntarily, because I was so cold. It was a painful cold too! My feet hurt like crazy, then I just stopped feeling all together! Then when it was over I was about to collapse. I was actually feeling dizzy and seeing stars. The GAT officially is a serious health hazard!

Anyways, I should try to get this RE assignment done. Seriously, RE? It's so stupid and boring and gah! A waste of my time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Get down low and go, go, go!

So um, mum just left me home alone to look after the potatos that were cooking on the stove and then after they were cooked I had to mash them. . . sounds simple enough. For me, however, that apparently wasn't simple.

I was sitting here at the computer and thought I could smell something. But, I was too busy updating the layout to my MySpace to really bother with this mystery smell. Then I smelt it again; actually it had never gone away, I guess I just finally noticed it again. I sat here wondering what on earth it could be. Then, I remembered that there are potatos on the stove.

I got up and had a look and I saw that all the water in the pot had gone. I could also see ALOT of black. I picked the pot up and put it down on the counter. And what, you may ask, did I place this pot on? A plastic bread board! lol
Straight after I thought to myself what a stupid thing to do that was, but I was already searching for another pot to put the remaining potatos in to worry about it. Once I found one, I salvage what potatos I could.

Then I picked up the pot and put it in the sink. However!, while lifting the pot I realised it had melted to the bread board. So I ripped the pot from the board and put it in the sink. I got a big serving spoon and started to scratch off what I could from the bottom of the pot. I got heaps of washing detergent and just started scrubbing like mad!

Then I realised that the house smelled like smoke. So I opened up the back doors. But it wasn't doing anything. So, seeing as how mum was due back home any minute, I got my deodorant and started spraying like crazy!

Then I went back to working on cleaning the pot! I finally got most of it off, but there was still black marks everywhere! So I decided to just leave it in the sink with detergent in it and some water and let it soak.

When mum got home I went into the garage and saw Jack putting the doors of the cupboard in our garage back onto their tracks. I asked what happened and mum said she drove into the cupboard. I say to her 'huh, made a bit of a mistake, did you?' She just looks at me weird and says I'm crazy.
When she walks into the house she looks at me and says 'Jyssica, did you forget the potatos?' I just start laughing.

She goes into the kitchen and Jack conveniently points out the bread board, and then I pretty much just start laughing all over again.
I wait for mums reaction, and to my relief, she starts laughing too.
She tastes the potatos that I tried to make do with and tells me they taste a bit burnt. But I just tell her 'it's rustic. Think back to when we went camping. It's just like camping.'

lol. So that's my little story about my eventful afternoon. Nearly burnt my house down! Go me! Let this be a lesson to everyone; do NOT leave me in charge of anything that is in anyway capable of setting fire or causing serious damage! Because more than likely I will forget about whatever it is that I'm suppose to be keeping an eye on and, as a consequence, I could be the reason for you living out on the streets with no home.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Supernatural: Sex And Violence

Season Four-Episode Fourteen
Bedford, Iowa
Vicki Benson is tenderizing meat for supper when her husband Adam comes home late from work. When she talks about his boss keeping him late, he snaps at her and then apologizes. As she explains that she accepted a party invitation for a friend, he loses his temper with her again. Vicki apologizes but Adam picks up the meat tenderizer and beats her to death.
Dean wakes up in the morning to hear Sam making a secret phone call. Dean feigns being asleep and Sam comes in to tell him that he's got information on three murders in Bedford where the loving husbands brutally killed their wives. The brothers visit Adam in jail and he explains that he loved his wife and has no idea why he killed Vicki. He says he didn't feel possessed and they were happy. Dean reveals that Adam has $9,000 in credit card charges to a strip club, the Honey Wagon. He admits that he met a stripper there, Jasmine, who he fell in love with during a bachelor party. She told Adam that they could be together forever if he killed his wife. Adam admits he has no idea where Jasmine lives or what his real name is. He also says that he deserves to die and if he doesn't get the death sentence, he'll do it himself.
Pretending to be an FBI agent, Sam drops in to see Dr. Cara Roberts, who works with the sheriff's department. He asks her about the workups on the three killers and their victims, and reveals that the men had high levels of oxytocin hormones. Oxytocin causes love-type feelings. Dean comes in but Cara seems more interested in Sam. She admits that she has no explanation for the high levels of oxytocin.
A disgruntled Dean complains briefly to Sam about Cara, and then explains that the other two murders hid away funds to pay for their strippers, and frequented a club called the Honey Wagon. However, each man had a different stripper, perfect. They go to the club but the owner doesn't have any paperwork on any of the three strippers. Sam has talked to Bobby, who thinks that sirens are involved. Sirens are creatures that lure men to their deaths, and can read minds to give their victims a perfect mate. They figure it's a single creature, but they have no way to determine who in the club it might be.
In a booth, Lenny Bristol meets with an attractive stripper, Belle. They go to Lenny's place and he makes sure his mother is sleeping peacefully. After sex, Belle tells Lenny to beat his mother to death so they can be together always. He goes into the next room to do so and Belle leaves.
The next day, Dean is alone in the hotel room doing research and notices that Sam forgot his phone. Dean dials the last number and hears Ruby's voice. He hangs up and puts the phone down as Sam returns to tell Dean about Lenny. Bobby calls and tells them that he's determined a siren can be killed with a bronze dagger covered in the blood of someone affected by her song. He figures the "spell" is some kind of venom and it will kill her if she gets a dose. However, none of the guys in jail are under the siren's spell any more. Bobby warns that sirens can turn men to her advantage.
Sam and Dean visit Cara again and Sam asks her for a blood sample. They're interrupted when a real FBI agent, Nick Monroe, arrives, claims he's been assigned to the case, and asks for their IDs. They tell him to call their supervisor, Mike Kayser, and provide a phone number. Fortunately, they have things set up with Bobby to take any such calls and pass himself off as a FBI director. Monroe brings them up to speed and explains he's discovered all of the murderers had strippers at the club. Sam tells Dean to take Monroe with him to keep him busy while Sam gets the blood sample from Cara. Dean reluctantly agrees and fortunately, Monroe is impressed by the Impala. Meanwhile, Sam talks to Cara who reveals that the blood sample has disappeared.
At the club, Dean and Monroe bond over drinks, classic rock, and strippers. Monroe reveals he found a purple flower at every crime scene and Dean remembers where he's seen such flowers before: at Cara's office.
Sam and Cara go over the security tapes but can't find any indication of who stole the blood. Sam explains his theory that the men were drugged and Cara talks about how sometimes you can hate the person you love. She pours out whiskey for both of them and talks about her failed relationship with her ex-husband. Sam's phone rings but he ignores it, and Cara admits she's been thinking about him all day. She hits on him and they end up making love in her office.
Sam returns to his hotel room and calls Dean, who explains that Monroe found hyacinths at the crime scene that originated in the Mediterranean. Dean has checked on Cara and she's only been in town two months, and her ex-husband died of a heart attack. Sam doesn't believe it and Dean figures he had sex with Cara. Sam insists he feels fine and asks to meet, but Dean insists on handling it on his own. Sam angrily throws the phone away. Dean leaves a message for Bobby and then calls Monroe asking for his help.
Monroe watches the club and sees Cara arrive. Dean arrives and says they'll wait to see who she comes out with. As they pass a flask back and forth, Monroe is skeptical of Dean's "poison" theory, and then notes she might be using her saliva. "Monroe" then tells Dean that he can't trust Sam and needs to get him out of the way so he and Monroe can be brothers forever.
Sam returns to the hotel room and finds Nick waiting for him. Dean emerges from behind the door and grabs his brother, holding a knife to his neck. "Nick" assures him that he has total control of Dean because he gave him the brother he always wanted. The siren admits he's bored and wants to fall in love again, then spits its venom into Sam's mouth. It then tells them to fight it out and the winner can be with it forever. Dean says that the Sam he knew is gone and that he knows Sam called Ruby. Sam finally tells him that they're hunting down Lilith because Dean is too weak and Sam's the better hunter. Dean attacks him and the two of them battle. They go through the door out into the hallway and Dean grabs a fire ax. Nick urges Dean on Dean starts to swing… but Bobby arrives and stabs him in the shoulder. Nick tries to run but Bobby throws the knife into the sire's back, killing it and freeing the brothers from its spell.
The next morning, Sam and Dean thank Bobby, who notes he easily figured out Monroe was a fake after one call. He wonders if they're going to be okay and they say they will be. He points out that there's no shame in a siren getting to them. After Bobby leaves, Sam says he's not interested in Cara and there's no point. Sam apologizes for what he said and Dean says the same, and they both claim that they're good.
Aired Monday 8th June, 2009