Saturday, May 31, 2008


I think I have the most exciting news ever to be revealed on the World Wide Web.
Yesturday I got home from school. And I was pretty happy because it was Friday, no more school, first week of exams over.. So I walked into the kitchen, and as I'm about to place my bag on the ground, I look at the kitchen bench, and sitting there in view for everyone to see was THE OFFICAL SUPERNATURAL MAGAZINE!
OMG! I FINALLY GOT IT! I've been waiting so long! I missed the first issue because it sold out so quick because it's just so awesome. But I can still get it if I ring up this place. Anyway,, so now I have the second issue! I was so stoked!
More excited than I was when I saw Shia LaBeouf on the cinema screen, so you could imagin what i was like!
There's interviews, POSTERS!, news.. gosh,, EVERYTHING! Ohhh I love it!
Not only that, but I've just heard that Supernatural is coming back on (in Australia) on Sunday 8th June. At 9.40pm on Channel Ten after Rove! FINALLY!! Everything is just so awesome!!!

But on a slightly more crappy note, I have to get braces again! LOL!! I had them for like 18months. Year 6 and half of year 7 I had them for. And I got a retainer and plate after they got taken off. And I wore them all the time. But slowly, after time past, I started to just forget about the plate and retainer. And so now, 3 years after getting my braces off, my orthodontist said that my bottom teeth had moved. And he asked if it bothered me and I said it didn't. I already knew they had moved and I knew he would be pissed. But he said he'd rather not leave them, so I could either get a new retainer with some spring thing to move them back or get braces on my bottom teeth! So, I think I'll go for the cheaper option, because I don't think mum and dad are happy that after $5,000 worth of braces they might have to pay more. Oops!

But seriously, I'm baffled as to how this is my fault! Well yes I know that it was me who didn't wear what i supposed to, and no one else could have controlled that except me, but it's not my fault I have such a bad memory. I just forgot. I'm like some test, Gods experiment to see if people can function on earth without a memory. Everyone who knows me knows I forget everything! But the fact that I just forgot to do what I was meant to wasn't my fault! So I don't think my orthodontist should have acted like such a meanie! He made me feel so guilty. That's not fair! Because now I feel bad about mum and dad having to pay more money.. it's not like my family is made of money or anything. So nice one Mr. Orthodontist. I feel guilty. Happy?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones!

OMG! I saw it yesturday! AND IT WAS FANTASTIC! ..maybe I'm a little biased because of Shia and all, but seriously.. I LOVED IT!
And I love previews! And this one came on, and Shia appeared on screen! And I was like 'OMG! SHIA! JACK..(that's my brother), IT'S EAGLE EYE! I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL YEAR FOR THIS!!' And I think the lady sitting next to me thought I was a little strange. But I don't care! I was excited!!
And then the movie started! And it got straight into it! Then Shia came on screen, and you could imagin how spastic I went! Then Jack told me to shut up...
But OMG, he's so HOT! And so talented. And when he cried I was like awww..
So yes, I rather enjoyed it!!

And I got a question.. how do you spell 'yesturday'? See, I spell it 'yestUrday'.. but I've been told it's 'yestErday'. And I'm confused. I used to spell it with an 'e', but then I got told I was wrong it's a 'u'. And now I'm being told I'm wrong when I use a 'u'! Do I spell it the american way or something? It's all very confusing..

Friday, May 23, 2008


It's Friday! School's finished! Weekend!
Oh I've been waiting for this all week. Nothing's happening. Just sick of school. Just want to sit around and do nothing! No pressure! It feels good! As you might be able to tell from my over use of exclaimation marks!

I really wanna see Indiana Jones. Not a huge die-hard fan. I wasn't even born when they came out. I have seen them all though. And this one does have Shia LaBeouf in it. So that's good enough for me.

And I was told that Mountain Dew, possibly the greatest soft drink ever, was going to stop being made. Who told me this you may be wondering? My mother and my brother. And you wanna know something else. They were lying to me! How dare they?! When they told me, I actually started thinking to myself 'What kind of a world would we have without Mountain Dew?' Goodness gracious me!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Entering Into The Cyber-Blogging World

This is all rather exciting. Being able to write out my most inner thoughts,, to be shared with everyone out there through the wonders of the internet.
Not much is really happening right now. Exams start next week. And we all know that that can only mean fun! Fun! FUN!

Been feeling incredibly drained and stressed out lately. Everything just gets so confusing and complicated. One of the joys of being a girl I guess..
And one thing that really annoys me is people who think that because they don't like someone, you shouldn't either. That really gets to me. Then you try to defend this person and they look at you like you're some idiot.
Oh well, it's not like they can control me!!

So I'm super loving The Cure right now. 'I don't care if Monday's blue, Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too. Thursday I don't care about you. It's Friday, I'm in love..'
Ahhh, that's my ring tone! Although I must say, I'm 16 years a little late for it to be 'cool' with my friends. Not that I mind.!


Well, I think that will do for now. My eyes and fingers aren't playing very nicely with each other at the moment and they aren't letting me hit the keyboard properly.