Monday, June 30, 2008

Work Experience.

It's been quite some time since I updated this thing. (It's actually the 22nd August, and this was written on like 20-something of June or something, but I thought it got deleted, so I couldn't be bothered re-doing it. Turns out it saved it as a draft, and all I had to do was come back to it!! WOW!!)

The first week I was at my mums work. An age care facility. And it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
Tuesday and Wednesday I was homemaker. So I worked in the kitchen and did cleaning. It sounds lame, but it really wasn't all that bad.
Thursday and Friday I was with Lifestyle. So we go around to both the nursing home and the hostel and we try to get them active and doing stuff.
The nursing home was stupid. They just sit there and drinkk coffee and want to sleep. Same with the hostel. But one lady did come when we did craft in the hostel.
And we made cards. And she said to me 'this means so much that you're here right now. Helping me. Other people just forget about us, but you're here. So thank you.' And I was just like wow! The fact that I was there meant something! So that was cool!

Then week two I was at St. Thereses Primary School. My old primary school. And they have classes in the morning before recess. Then after recess. Then after lunch. So there's 3 sections. And each seaction I was in a different class. Little kid's are a little freaky. And so clingy. I don't think I'd work with them.

So yes, that was work experience!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

22 today!

Yep, I think that's all.

I'll write about this weeks work experience on the weekend.
But it's been pretty good so far.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Finally, Supernatural was on last night! Episode 13 of season three. I knew what it was going to be about, and I had seen little clips of it. But over all I don't think it was the greatest episode in the world. I knew that before I saw it anyway. At least next weeks should be real good. Well, from what I've seen anyway.
So yeah, last night. It had it's moments. It was funny, and it had a good story line. Except the story line was a little hard to follow, and the camera was just annoying. It was like Cloverfield, someone else taking the footage, and that really annoyed me! And I didn't see enough of Jared and Jensen! And I blame that on the camera too! But Harry and Ed (the 'Ghostfacers' and 'Hell Hound' boys) were pretty funny. They're so dumb! Dean was like 'there's salt in my duffle. Draw a circle with it and get inside!' And Ed was like, 'what? Inside the duffle?' lol, I thought that was funny.!
But next week, 'Long-distance Call' should be good! A phone call from beyond the grave from their dad! People getting phones calls from dead loved ones telling them to commit suicide! Dean can't die! Not now!! So I guess we shall see!


Sunday, June 8, 2008

Past, Present and Future.

Last night I went Bec's dinner party for her birthday. It was a good night. Everything was so fancy. Two knives, two forks and a spoon!!! And wine glasses and fancy folded serviettes! lol, it was cool. And her little brother and sister served us, like waiters. There was entrees, mains, and a really yum sticky date pudding for dessert! And to top of such a classy/fancy evening, we did what all classy people do after a good meal.. we played Mario on Nintendo! Overall it was a real good night!

And on Friday night my brother Jack and my dad left for Ballarat for a basketball tournament. But., Jack got an infection on his knee, couldn't play, went to a hospital there, and ended up coming home last night. So that was kinda a waste. Only got to play one game. Now he's at home on crutches because he's not allowed to walk on it.

Last night, mum, Partick and I went through photos and picked out some to put in our table. We have a coffee table and it has photos on it with glass covering it,, like a collage. So we took out the ones that were in it, and changed them! I love going through photos! They bring back memories of those good ol' days! It was fun!

And finally, the day everyone has been waiting for.. SUNDAY, IS HERE! SUPERNATURAL IS BACK! =) Yes, I know you are all very excited and are just waiting eagerly in anticipation.. The sentsation running through you right now must be overwhelming, so I think I'll leave this topic here for now and let you all regain your composure.

Tomorrow is Monday! I start work experience on Tuesday, but because I haven't actually been to see the boss of the nursing home yet, I'm going to work with mum tomorrow so I can have my 'interview' with the boss. So that means getting up at 6.30am or something! Terrific!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shia, School and Supernatural!

So last night I went and saw Indiana Jones again! It was still so good second time round! I don't think I'd ever get sick of it! And once again I saw the preview for Eagle Eye. And,, I got excited all over again!! =)

Yesturday I had my final exam! The second methods one. I found out what I got on the first one.. 94%. So that was pretty good. And apparently my math teacher was correcting my second exam in his maths class 4th period. And someone saw my mark and apparently I got 90%. So that averages out to 92%. So that's not bad at all! And in my Japanese exam I got 95%. So I guess so far I've been doing pretty good!
Now I have work experience for 2 weeks. First week at my mums work, a nursing home.. (It was a last resort,, plus it kinda involves nursing..), and the second week at St. Therese's PS, my old primary school.

And,, one day 'til Supernatural!!! This is exciting! I watched my tape today.. (Yes that's right, my tape. I have one tape, and I record Supernatural on it. It fits 3 episodes on it, then I tape over them with new episodes!) Actually it is kinda weird on two levels. One; I tape Supernatural and two; it's a tape! But yeah,, I watched that today, so I'm already to tape over one of them tomorrow!
And have you seen those ads for Supernatural? Don't you just get all tingly inside!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

House Season Finale

Did anyone watch it last night? How sad was it??
OMG! I thought it was really good. How trippy were all those hallucinations House was having? Just a good case to work on. But then in the second hour all went down hill. Initially I thought House had an affair with Amber. And I was feeling sorry for Wilson. And House had no idea what happened because he couldn't remember. But then turns out he didn't have an affair, so I was all happy. But then Amber was dying. And I never really liked her at the start, but towards the end of the season I did. And Wilson wanted to do everything to save her. And House wanted to look after Wilson and do anything for him and keep him happy. But there was nothing they could do. It was so sad! And when Wilson broke down in Cuddy's office.. OMG. I was sitting there, with my family, thinking.. please don't cry Jyssica, keep it in. But I couldn't! I just broke down! And from then on I was a mess! And he had to wake Amber up to tell her she was dying and spend her last moments with her. And the whole team came to say good bye.. It was horrible. But such a good episode!
And now my family thinks I'm a complete sook. Dad looked over at me and mum when Wilson started crying in Cuddy's office, and we were both starting so cry. So I hid away so dad couldn't see me. Good thing too because the crying was just uncontrollable.! Ahhh, such a great episode! It was the great acting that made it so real!


3 days to go!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It sucks! I have another infection. And now I'm on antibiotics again. I hate it when I get these. I don't even know what they are! But this time it's on my face. lol, that kinda sounds really bad when said like that. But it's just like a mozzie bite,, that got infected. And to prevent them I'm on this permanent medication stuff. Gotta take one tablet a day for six months. See how that goes, then if it's working we'll get more I suppose.
I'm incredibly self conscious about myself, and this thing on my face is just so inconspicuous.! I didn't think I could possibly look any worse! And now I got this, and I have to cover it up incase dirt or something infects it even more. So I gotta put something over it, aka a bit of band-aid, and it's just stupid!
Oh well, hopefully it'll go soon. I'm not going to school tomorrow. Hopefully it gets a bit better by Friday. I have to go to school Friday for my exam,, so yeah..

On an exceedingly lighter note, FOUR DAYS 'TIL SUPERNATURAL! Yes, that's right! Get set for the night of your life!! =)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Atatakakunakatta desu!

It was not warm! True fact! ATATAKAKUNAKATTA! That's currently my favourite Japanese phrase!

Ohhh, had more exams today! Photography. Pretty easy. History. It was so long! So many pages! But I got it done. Mulit-media. LOL! That was easy. Computers! Yay! And I'm talking in one-word sentences. Well, I was.
One more exam left! Friday. Methods. The second methods exam. With calculator and summary book! lol, summary book! Or the text book! Some test, huh! I think I like it like that!

NCIS is on tonight! YAY! And All Saints. Lately I've been watching All Saints though and not NCIS. But I tape NCIS. Because if I taped All Saints I wouldn't watch it later on. Whereas I will watch NCIS. Even though I haven't seen the last 2 episodes. I'll have to get around to watching them..

It is so cold right now. My toes are turing black I think. Next they'll drop off. And my hands are ghostly white. With a tinge of purple, and orange blotches! Attractive!

Oh, it's my birthday in 11 days! Happy Birthday to me! Hopefully I get the Supernatural Season Two Companion Guide. I have season one. But season two is the next one to get. And I'd like 'Supernatural: Origins'. The Supernatural Comic Book! And.. I have to get the first issue of the Offical Supernatural Magazine too.! Oh, it shall be grand!

Monday, June 2, 2008


When I said I heard Supernatural was coming back on, I was prety sure,, but not certain.
I looked on the Network Ten website, but it hadn't been updated to next Sunday yet, so I couldn't check.
And the TV guide on the TV didn't go more than one week in advance either. But I checked the TV guide yesturday afternoon and Channel Ten was the only channel not to be updated.. (are you seeing a little pattern emerging?)
Anyway, so I checked again last night while watching Rove, and there it was on the TV Guide, 'Supernatural: 9.40' HOW EXCITING IS THAT!?!
Not only that but once I got out of the TV guide, what was on TV? AN AD FOR SUPERNATURAL! Jared and Jensen back are back on our screens after all this time!.. WE MISSED YOU!!
This is fantastic! 'Ghostfacers' is the next episode, episode 13. After that there will be another 3. So there's a total of 16 episodes in Season Three.
I've watched the final two episodes, (Channel Ten was taking way too long, and I couldn't help it!), and they are so good! Especially the finale!
So yes, all is rather exciting!!


And I had my first Methods exam today. That was easy. Except one question I KNOW I got wrong. And I had my Japanese exam. That was easier than I thought it would be. AND I had my second English exam too. And that wasn't too bad. Just an opinion piece. And I'm just full of opinions!
Then tomorrow I have Photography, History and Multi-media exams tomorrow! You think they could be nicer to me and spread my exams out over the two weeks? But no, they give them all to me in a space of like 3 days!

Well, I better go and study now.