Thursday, May 28, 2009

Totally down with technology!

Yep. Well, I've had one for a little while now. But for anyone who might be in the slightest bit interested, here's my twitter page!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Supernatural: Family Remains

Season Four-Episode Eleven
At a farmhouse, Bill Gibson is watching TV when the lights go out. He goes to the fuse box but discovers that the door won't open. A door opens behind him and a pale woman comes in. The man recognizes her but says it's impossible for her to be there. He lunges at her and his blood flies everywhere.
Sam wakes up to discover Dean has pulled over and is eagerly looking for another case to take on. Sam figures that his brother is trying to keep occupied to avoid thinking about his time as a torturer in Hell. Dean ignores him and finds a report of a man killed in a locked room, in Stratton, Nebraska. They figure it's a ghost and head for the farmhouse. They go into the house, unaware that it's already been sold. Inside they find a sealed-over dumbwaiter and a decapitated doll's head, and high EMP readings. However, Dean is skeptical there's anything to be found.
The new family, the Carters, arrive with their furniture and the Winchesters realize the house has been sold. The daughter, Kate, isn't happy at the luck of reception and appeals to her uncle, Ted. The father, Brian, is less than thrilled when Ted agrees with Kate and his wife Susan tells him to take it easy. Kate notices Dean and Sam coming out of the house. The brothers claim to be county code enforcers there to inspect the problem. They say there's asbestos in the house, making it inhabitable. The brothers direct the family to a nearby hotel and Brian agrees to one night.
The brothers talk to the local housekeeper, Mrs. Curry, who confirms that Bill Gibson was brutally killed. She notes that Gibson kept to himself after his wife died in childbirth and his daughter hung himself. She gives them photos of the family but doesn't know why the daughter hung herself. Mrs. Curry does remember that she heard rustling in the walls but never saw any rats. She also confirms that the dead women were cremated.
The Carters go back to the house and Ted confirms there isn't any asbestos. Kate thinks she sees something in an upstairs window but dismisses it as imagination, and Susan tries to reassure her it'll be great there. Kate is skeptical.
That night, the son Danny is playing video games in his room when the closet door opens on its own and a baseball rolls out. He introduces himself and rolls the ball back in, and someone tosses it out.
Downstairs, Brian is in the kitchen and smells something dead in the closet. Susan wonders what they're doing there and Brian assures her they'll be happy there. Susan says she can't put the kids through another year like the one they just had.
Outside, the Winchester pull up and realize the family has moved back in. Meanwhile, Ted finds a message written in the wall in crayon, saying "Go." Brian thinks Danny is responsible and calls him down. Danny denies writing the message but his parents don't believe him. He claims the girl in the walls did it and wants them to go but Danny to stay. He warns that the girl will get mad if the grownups don't go. Danny says Andy would have believed them and Brian sends him up to his room.
Kate is trying to sleep that night and complains to the dog, Buster. It starts licking her hand from the floor but then the closet door opens and Buster comes out. Kate screams as she realizes something else was there and sees it duck into the closet. The family comes to investigate and Danny says it's the girl in the wall. Dean and Sam knock and come in, and Brian wonders if they're responsible. Dean warns them to get out but the lights go out and they hear Buster whimpering outside. They run outside with Brian and Ted and find a trail of blood leading to the car, and the words "Too late" written in blood on the side. The Winchesters try to convince them to leave and Brian agrees to go. However, they discover that something has flattened all the tires and stolen all their ghost-hunting equipment. Kate sees a girl in the woods but it disappears before anyone else can see it.
Dean and Sam get everyone inside and lay down a salt line. Brian is skeptical and prepares to leave but Sam convinces them to stay. He shows Kate the photos and she and Danny recognize the dead daughter Rebecca. Sam tells the Carters what they know and Ted wants to go out, but Dean threatens him into staying put. Sam goes up to the attic where Rebecca hung herself, but the others soon hear noises and the ghost of Rebecca enters the room. She approaches the salt line and then steps over it while drawing a knife. Dean gets the family out and tries to drive off what he now realizes is a human with a poker, and Sam arrives and drives it off with the beam of his flashlight.
The brothers go outside and assemble the family, while Sam reveals he found Rebecca's diary in the attic. They can't find Danny and Dean tells them to take refuge in the boarded-up shed. Brian tells Kate and Susan to go there while the Winchesters, Brian, and Ted, split up to search. Dean and Ted search inside and Dean finds a hidden panel in the wall. There's a passageway between the walls and the two men go inside. They find a tunnel leading down and Dean reluctantly goes down. He finds the dead dogs that the girl has been feeding on and a drawing of two stick figures. Above, Ted hears a noise, turns, and the girl stabs him through the head.
Outside, Sam and Brian find no sign of Danny and go back to the shed. Dean arrives and tells them that Ted is dead. Dean goes back outside while Sam reads Rebecca's diary. Brian tries to comfort Susan, who asks why bad things keep happening to them. Brian tells her that the same thing won't happen to Danny that happened to Andy. Brian goes outside and Dean asks him about Danny. Andy died in a car accident a year ago and Brian admits it's put a strain on his marriage. They moved there for a fresh start. Dean vows he'll get Danny back and Brian wonders why he cared. Sam interrupts and gets Dean inside. He explains that the girl is Rebecca's daughter, and Bill Gibson's daughter as well. Gibson locked the girl up until she finally escaped and killed her father. Dean figures out where the girl is keeping Danny.
Danny wakes up in a basement area, bound and gagged. The girl approaches him and offers him a rat. She breaks its neck and starts eating it as Danny screams.
The brothers break through the wall over the dumbwaiter and Dean insists on going down to rescue Danny. As he goes down, Sam starts putting together a rope out of curtains. Meanwhile, the girl breaks into the shed.
In the basement, Dean finds their guns and locates Danny. He says "he" is coming back, and explains it's the girl's brother. The brother attacks Dean while Sam lowers the rope to Danny and pulls him up. Outside, the girl stabs through the walls of the shed as she tries to get at them.
Brian gets Danny out of the house while Dean tries to fend off the brother. Dean blinds him with the flashlight long enough to grab his gun and shoot the boy.
The girl busts in and attacks Susan… and is yanked backwards. Susan and Kate listen as they hear screaming noises outside. Brian comes in, holding a bloody knife. Dean and Sam come out and find the girl's corpse.
The next day, the Carters are packing while Sam and Dean load their equipment back into the Impala. Brian is giving them time to leave before he calls in the police, and thanks them for their help. Susan admits they're not okay but at least they're together. Down the road, the Winchesters pull over and Dean admits that he can sympathize with the Gibson children. Sam points out that they were barely human and Dean wasn't like them. Dean agrees, saying he was worse. He notes they were animals defending their territory, but he liked torturing souls in Hell. No matter how many people he saves now, he can't change what he did.
Aired Monday 18th May, 2009

It's amazing how quick things can change. . .

To begin this particular blog off on a cheery note, last night's Jared-fest was awesome! lol Emma and I hired House Of Wax, Cry_Wolf, New York Minute, A Cinderella Story and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. Okay, so Jared-and-Chad-fest. We also watched season one episodes of Gilmore Girl's. So that was awesome. Mountain Dew, Kit-Kat's, Killer Pythons, Cookies and Cream icecream! It was epic, what more can you ask for?! I know what, Rooster Roll from Red Rooster lol. Finally got one!!

So yeah, did that last night. Then went to Emily's new house this afternoon. It's awesome. High roof and brick walls inside! So that was also good.

And then I come home and see a letter on the bench for me. It made me cry. I use this blog as an outlet. I'm pretty much too lazy to hand write anything cause my hand hurts afterwards! So, instead, I write everything in here. I don't write everything, but I write enough to paint a picture. Also, I wasn't aware that anyone actually read this. I just figured that no one would be bothered to read anything that I've written, or that no one knew I even had this. However, apparently people do know about my blog. And apparently people do read it. So there you go!

Anyway, this letter. I really didn't expect it. I especially didn't expect the content of it either. And I think after all these years of keeping to myself and not letting anyone in, it's weird to suddenly have people worried about me. I don't want people to worry, that wasn't my intention. Nevertheless, I think that for me, because someone who I idolize and think is totally awesome, for them to suddenly send me this letter, it made me sad. In a good way.

I don't know. I just thought I'd mention that. For future reference.

And in other news,, school. Gosh. I don't really think they are any words that can accurately describe the amount of petty, childish behaviour that's been going on. Well, I don't know. It's just stupid. It's like, no matter what we do it's never good enough for others. I know that Emma, Emily and I have become close since the beginning of the year. Actually, it's pretty much been since the end of last year. But still, according to everyone else we "know too much about each other". As a result everyone else is "getting left out". Now, I don't know why 3 people being friends with each other would be a problem, but apparently it is. Not only that, but it seems as if all of this is just an excuse to get angry and cause confrontation between everyone. I can't stand conflict and I do anything to get out of it, but I'm just not in the mood as of late to be caring about things that I don't have to be caring about. It's ridiculous. I just don't want all this added awkwardness and that feeling of walking on egg shells and constantly being self-conscious of whether or not my actions are satisfactory enough. Gah! Stupid!

Anyways, there's my slight update.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nothing But The Ramblings Of A Mad Teenage Girl...

First of all - bought 21st Century Breakdown today. Yep, and it's awesome.
blink-182 are touring again.! Hell yeah! From July-October, it's in the states. But, according to their manager, 2010 they'll go international... Big Day Out... Just so long as they come to Australia and I get to see them, then I'm happy.
Mum finally gave me a book to read yesturday. (I got 3 Supernatural books off Amazon the other day. Supernatural: Bone Key, John Winchester's Journal, and The Offical Companion Season 3). She says that she's not giving them to me because 'I've done nothing to deserve them'. Well, personally I think that's bullshit! But, she gave me Bone Key yesturday, and I read it. It was good!
Oh, yeah. I also sent in a letter/email to TV Week about Supernatural, and it totally got published! LOL. I'll put that futher down for all to see.
The Living End had their concert on Friday. And I didn't get to go. Which sucks! But, I think blink-182 is the top of my priority list at the moment.
So I think that's what's been going on in terms of my multitude of obsessions. . .

Onto other things, last night was really weird. I had some weird crazy breakdown. You know how you get frustrated and overcome with a horrible feeling sometimes. And no matter what you do that feeling gets worse and worse?.. Well, last night I had that feeling. I was gonna text someone, but thought against that. Don't think that's the appropriate thing to do at 1am. Anywayz, it was crazy. In all honesty, I don't think I'm doing all that well. I don't wanna go and seek out help or attention. That means admitting there's something seriously wrong. And for now, I don't think anything is all that serious. But I'm lost for what to do. I really want this constant feeling inside of me to go away. I just want to be able to appreciate things and take things as they come. I wanna be hopeful and have a positive outlook on things. But all the hope and desire in the world doesn't seem to be enough right now. And right now I feel like a douche. Who writes these kind of things? Attention seekers. Gah, I don't want to be an attention seeker. Just ignore me.

Okay, I've decided if you are infact reading this, then I owe you an apology. Please, feel free to stop, I'm about to continue on a little rant.

Last night I was browsing peoples myspaces, and I came across Kirra's. Then from hers I found Jay's. And I pretty much just went and looked at all the swimming peoples myspaces. And I've realised, I really miss them. Like, really miss seeing those guys. I was looking through photos, and gosh, the overwhelming sense of nostalgia I got! I am offically -well it's been offical for a while- but I am no longer part of any sort of group with those guys. I don't see them, I don't talk to them, I don't have anything to do with them. And I don't like it. Some of those guys were my closest friends! And now, what we had, it's gone. And that really sucks! And that pretty much just got me thinking (which I know, can never be a good thing), that everyone else seems to be going somewhere. They have goals and aspirations, and I have nothing. The world around me is fast evolving, moving forward. And I'm stuck!

Well, that's enough from me. Such a riveting read, wasn't it?!
Oh, here's my letter lol


Supernatural: Heaven And Hell

Season Four-Episode Ten
Uriel tells the Winchesters to get out of the way so he can kill Anna. Castiel admits that they're heartless, and says that Anna is worse than a demon. Uriel repeats his demand and when they refuse, the angel smashes Ruby into the wall. Dean tries to attack him but Uriel isn't impressed. Castiel renders Sam unconscious with a touch. He goes to the door to get Anna but suddenly lightning flashes and he and Uriel are sucked outward and upward. They go into the next room and find Anna covered in her blood, which she's used to write a symbol on a nearby mirror. She explains she doesn't know how she sent them away and the symbol just appeared in her mind.
The guys figure they want Anna for some reason other than her ability to hear their conversations. They take Anna to Bobby's ghost-proof panic room and Ruby creates hex bags that will hide them from demons and angels alike. Dean thanks her for her help and leaves her to watch Anna. Sam has discovered that although Anna's parents were seemingly normal, Anna had episodes when she was two and a half where she became hysterical when her father approached her. She claimed that he wasn't her real father and her real father was angry at her. They wonder what she's hiding but Anna arrives and wants them to talk to her. She doesn't know what the angels meant and they believe her.
They go to bring Pamela Barnes, now blind after gazing briefly on Castiel in his true form. She knows who Anna is and is ready to help so she can dick over an angel out of revenge. Pamela hypnotizes Anna and asks how she can hear the angels. Anna claims ignorance and says that Rich Milton is her father. Pamela takes her further back and Anna says she doesn't want to. When Pamela pursues the matter, Anna screams and the panic room door closes on its own. When Dean tries to calm down Anna, she slams him away. Pamela manages to bring her out of hypnosis and Anna says that she remembers now. She says that she's an angel.
Anna explains that she's not like the other angels and she was the one in charge of Uriel and Castiel. She explains that she disobeyed and Fell, becoming human. She ripped out her grace, her energy. Amy Milton couldn't get pregnant until Anna entered her. The longer she was human, the more she forgot her divine origin. Now Heaven wants her dead and Hell wants her for torture. Now she plans to get her grace back but doesn't know where it is: she lost track of it when she Fell. Realizing she means she literally fell, Sam tracks down a meteor that vanished over Ohio nine months before Anna was "born" as a human. Another meteor fell over Kentucky and they figure it's her grace. Ruby is skeptical and apologizes for bringing him into the mess. She warns they don't want to get caught between the two armies. She admits that she's afraid of Alastair, a grand inquisitor of Hell. She warns that Sam is getting out of practice with his abilities and he knows what he has to do. Sam refuses and Ruby warns that his decision may kill them all.
Anna is outside when Dean returns from taking Pamela home. Anna says they should get out while they can but Dean assures her they're not that smart. He asks her what they want him for and she explains they're not talking about it now and it happened before she Fall. He asks her why she wanted to become a human and she explains that humans have emotions and feelings and she wanted to obtain them… and refuses to go back to how she was. Dean can't understand why she'd want to give up perfection but she says that angels have no choice but to obey, and only four of them have ever seen God's face. The angels take God's existence on faith, and they're killed if they don't have it. All she did during her existence was watching, not interfering and never receiving orders from a Father. Dean can sympathize.
Sam finds reports of a local miracle in Union, Kentucky, where a full-grown oak appeared over six months in a field. Anna figure it's her grace and they head for Kentucky to investigate and get to the field. Anna realizes it's her grace and she approaches the oak. When she touches it she realizes it's no longer there: someone took it.
They take refuge and try to come up with a plan. However, Anna hears the angels again, giving a message that Dean either return her or he'll be sent back to Hell. She doesn't know of any weapon that will kill an angel. As they try to do research to find anything, Anna approaches Dean and thanks him for helping her. She admits she knew the price for disobeying and tells him something: she heard the angels talking a week ago about him and she knows what he did in Hell. Anna says he needs to forgive himself and he refuses to talk about it. She understands and says he has people who will help when he does. She then kisses him and they make love in the back of the Impala.
Sam has dozed off and Ruby watches him. She then goes outside and burns her hex bag. Alastair appears behind her and shows her the demon-killing knife. She says she's there to talk and offers him the angel in return for being able to walk away with the Winchesters. He considers her offer but has his minions grab her. He makes her a counteroffer as he strokes her cheek with the knife.
Dean returns to the barn to find Uriel waiting for him. He quickly realizes it's a dream and wonders where Castiel is. Uriel tells him their time is up and Dean tries to bluff, saying Anna has her grace. Uriel reveals he has her grace and the angels can't let the demons get her, or end her punishment. Dean refuses, figuring he's bluffing about throwing him back to Hell. Uriel warns him he can be replaced and Dean tells him to do it. Uriel says that Dean can break if the right pressure is applied.
Alastair is slowly torturing Ruby with the knife and eager to relish the moment. He removes her gag and asks where the angel is. She still refuses, saying he'll kill her if she does. She offers to show him and he relents.
At the barn the next morning, Sam wonders where Ruby is as Dean starts drinking. Anna wonders if he's okay, but they're interrupted when Castiel and Uriel enter. Castiel greets Anna and Sam wonders how they found them… then realizes that Dean betrayed them. Dean apologizes to Anna and she realizes the angels forced Dean to choose between her and Sam. She kisses Dean and thanks him for doing what he could, and then forgives him. She tells the angels she's ready and Castiel apologizes, but she notes he isn't sorry. He admits they have a history but she tells him to get it over with.
They're interrupted when Alastair and his demons arrive, carrying an injured Ruby. Alastair demands the girl and is unimpressed by the angels' threats. He notes that Dean had "promise." The fight begins but Alastair is immune to Castiel's ability to drive him out. Uriel disposes of the minions while Alastair chants in Latin… and Dean smashes him over the head. Alastair is distracted and gestures, sending Dean and Sam to their knees. Anna grabs her grace from Uriel and shatters it on the floor, reabsorbing it into herself. She tells everyone to shut their eyes and white light blasts forth from her. Alastair is shattered as she disappears.
Dean picks up the demon-killing knife and tells the angels to find Anna. Uriel says it isn't over but Castiel holds him back. The angels disappear and Ruby comes over as Dean wonders what took them so long. It was Sam's plan for her to get the angels and demons together and let them fight it out. Sam figures Anna must be happy but Dean doubts it.
Later, the guys are having a beer on the road and appreciating their good luck. Sam admits he's curious what Alastair said about Dean having promise but leaves it to Dean to bring up. Dean explains that from his perspective, he was in Hell for 40 years. He talks about how there was eventually nothing left of him… and they would restore him. Again and again. Each day, Alastair offered to end his torture if Dean took up the knife to torture other souls. For 30 years Dean told him no… and then gave in. Sam tries to reassure him but a crying Dean insists he couldn't feel anything.
Aired Monday 11th May, 2009

Supernatural: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Season Four-Episode Nine
At a hospital, a woman, Anna Milton, is staring off into space. The doctor asks if she knows where she is and if she remembers what she did. Anna says she was trying to warn everyone but realizes it was stupid. The doctor pursues the matter and Anna insists it's all true: the Apocalypse is coming. Anna explains that Lilith is trying to free Lucifer but then seems to hear something. Anna explains there are 600 seals but Lilith only has to break 66, so the angels are losing and they're all going to die.
Later, an orderly brings Anna her meds but she wonders what happened to his face. His eyes turn black and the orderly comes in. Anna concentrates and shoves a case into him, slamming him into the wall. She slips out the door and into the night.
A seemingly drunken Sam is playing pool for money and losing. He turns it around, but notices Ruby at the bar and leaves the money to go talk to her. Dean is less than thrilled for her to be there. She tips them off that Anna has escaped and the demons are looking for her… with orders to take her alive. Dean isn't interested in anything from Ruby, but Sam decides to pursue the matter. As they make the three-day drive to the hospital, Dean wonders what Sam has been doing getting involved with a demon. Sam doesn't want to discuss it and brings up Dean's reluctance to talk about his time in Hell. Dean backs off, but Sam remembers…
Six Months Earlier
Sam summons a crossroads demon and it insists on seeing the demon-killing knife first. It refuses to bargain for Dean's life and Sam stabs it through the hand. Sam demands it take him for Dean but the demon says they have Dean right where they want him.
The Present
Sam and Dean arrive at the hospital and talk to Anna's doctor, who says the orderly doesn't remember anything that happened. The brothers are skeptical and the doctor explains that Anna simply flipped one day, overtaken by delusions that she saw demons everywhere. Among Anna's papers are references to "Raising the Witnesses" and the freeing of Samhain.
The guys go to see Anna's parents and find them dead, their throats slit. Dean recognizes some of Anna's sketches as the window from her church. They go to the church and find Anna hiding there. They try to talk to her and she knows who they are. She's heard the angels talk about them and knows that some of them think Dean can save them, and don't like Sam at all. She explains that she can overhear angels in her head. The voices started the day Dean was released from Hell. They figure the demons want her so they can listen in on their enemies. As Anna asks if her parents are okay, Ruby comes in and Anna retreats in terror. She warns a big-time demon is coming but Dean thinks she's lying. Ruby says the demon followed them, and they see a statue of Jesus start bleeding. Ruby says the demon is there and Dean examines the statue while Sam gets Anna into a nearby room for safety. Ruby says that Sam has no choice but to use his powers. The demon, Alastair, bursts in and Sam tries to stop it but it shrugs off his powers and tosses Sam down the stairs. Dean attacks it with the knife and the demon asks Dean if he recognizes him, saying they were close in Hell. Ruby gets Anna out while Dean finally recognizes Alastair. Sam tries to stab Alastair but doesn't deliver a killing blow. The brothers realize that Ruby has left with Anna and leap out a window to make their escape, leaving the knife behind.
Dean and Sam get to their motel to tend to their wounds and Sam wonders who the demon was. Dean doesn't answer and wonders if Ruby can be trusted. Sam insists they can and figures Ruby hasn't called because Alastair is watching them. Sam says they have to lay low and Dean wonders why Sam trusts her so much. He says that Ruby saved his life.
Six Months Earlier
A drunken Sam returns to his hotel room and two demons attack him. One of them is Ruby, in a new body. She takes the knife and explains that Lilith gave her one last chance in return for killing Sam. Sam tells her to do it and Ruby stabs her fellow demon instead. She tells him they have to go and they hit the road. Ruby wants to get something to eat but Sam isn't interested. Ruby explains she's a fugitive on Sam's behalf and Sam wants to know if she can help him save Dean. She admits she doesn't know anything powerful enough. He stops the car and orders her out. He asks her whose body she's wearing and she admits it belongs to a secretary. He tells her to leave it or he'll send her back to Hell.
In a hospital, a young Jane Doe is dying. The doctors disconnect her from life support, but she suddenly revives and asks for food. Sam is at a new place when Ruby arrives in her new (present day) body. She has a medical record proving her body was brain-dead, and she says she has something else for him. She offers him Lilith and he's eager to use his powers. However, she explains that Lilith is up to something big and they need to take the time to get it right this time. Ruby tells him to sober up and she'll teach him everything she knows. He practices on a captive demon but fails, and Lilith kills it with the knife. Ruby assures him he'll get over losing Dean but Sam refuses to talk about it. She reminds him she used to be human and remembers what it means to lose someone. She apologizes and then kisses him. He shoves her away, but she continues to come on to him and he finally gives in.
The Present
Dean is less than thrilled to hear about Sam's sexual escapades. Sam continues with how he found signs indicating Lilith was in town…
Five Months Earlier
Ruby warns that they're not ready to confront Lilith. When Sam insists on going, Ruby realizes he's on a suicide run but Sam shoves her aside and goes anyway. Sam goes to the house and finds a young girl at a table. The girl begs him to go home and two demons attack Sam. They say Lilith couldn't make it and knock the knife away. However, Ruby arrives and attacks the demons, and tells Sam to get the girl to safety. She kills one but the remaining demon overpowers her. Sam returns and uses his power, successfully forcing the demon out of its host body and sending it back to Hell.
The Present
Sam says that he couldn't have made it without Ruby. They're interrupted when a maid arrives with clean towels. She gives an address to Sam, who realizes she's Ruby temporarily in a new body. They sneak out the back and go to the address, where Ruby has Anna. Dean is forced to reconsider Ruby and admits he owes her for Sam. Anna wants to call her parents and Sam finally tells her the truth. She starts sobbing but then says that they're coming. They retreat to a backroom and Ruby realizes that they've lost the knife. There's a knock on the door and then it bursts open… and Castiel and Uriel enter. They're there for Anna and Castiel explains she has to die.
(to be continued)
Aired Monday 4th May, 2009