Monday, April 4, 2011

Like It's My Birthday!

Guess what I have planned for next Wednesday 13th April? Let me give you a hint;
I'm going to see Good Charlotte!

I'm SO excited!! Good Charlotte are that band who have been around the longest for me and who I have stuck with from the very beginning. I've been a fan of them since the age of 8, so to finally see them live is huge for me. I'm taking my brother along seeing as how he's also a fan of them. I had planned on getting tickets much earlier as a Christmas/birthday present for him, however, there were no floor tickets available anymore and I really didn't want seating. So I never ended up buying any tickets. HOWEVER, I randomly checked Ticketek again today and for some reason it no longer said "allocation exhausted" for standing tickets. So I was like, "HELL YEAH!", and bought two tickets. I suppose you could say it was a little bit of a spontaneous purchase, lol. Nevertheless, it was a very worthwhile purchase!

Jack doesn't know I've got tickets and I don't plan on telling him until I actually have the tickets in my hand to show him. For now he just knows that we're going out somewhere next Wednesday and that he has to keep that night free. He thinks we're going to some movie premiere or something, lol. As long as he thinks that, I'm not going to tell him otherwise, lol.

My best friend also likes Good Charlotte, so I asked if she wanted to come along, and she said yes! Out of all the bands I listen to, Good Charlotte is probably one of the few that we actually have in common, so I figured this would be a good opportunity for us to finally be able to go to a gig together.

It's going to be an awesome night, I just know it will be!

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