Monday, February 21, 2011

Bands, Birthdays, Baking and Beyond!

Today I found myself, for the first time, entering the Flight Centre at my local shopping complex to finally book my flights to Sydney! HOORAY! It's now official; I will be travelling to Sydney for the Soundwave Festival!

However, seeing as how Soundwave is only a one-day event per capital city, I shall be venturing off to do other things during my week-long stay. On the day of my arrival, myself and the person with whom I am staying with will be waiting back at the airport in the hope that we might catch 30 Seconds To Mars as they arrive for Soundwave. If not, we shall attempt to meet them after their set at the gig. Again, if we fail to meet them after the show, we have planned to try and stalk them around the city, lol. (Seriously, it would be amazing if we could actually meet them. I mean, Jared Leto in the flesh.. hnng!)

On the 1st of March I will then be accompanying Evelyn, my Sydney muser sister, to see Sum 41! Sum 41's show is a Sidewave (a Soundwave sideshow) that will also include The Blackout, There For Tomorrow, and Veara. . As well as experiencing some more awesome music, I will finally be seeing Ev again; something that I cannot wait for!

Then, as far as I am aware, my free accommodation will run out on March 2nd, as the person with whom I am staying with will be travelling down to Melbourne to continue her 30 Seconds To Mars hunt! So that leaves me in need of somewhere to stay. What I have planned is to catch a bus up to where Grace lives which, mind you, is a 7.5hr trip! Hopefully I'll get there by 3pm-ish so that I can pick my friend up from school! (I've never actually met Grace before, so this will be my first time meeting her; and how do I go about our first meet-up? Why, picking her up from school, of course!) Then, if it's okay with her parents, I'll spend the night at her house; because a 7.5hr trip back into the city at the time of the day would be ridiculous for someone who doesn't know the area! So then on March 3rd I'll book into a backpackers hostel where I'll stay for 2 nights.

The plan is then to meet up with all the Sydney musers on March 5th; the first time a lot of us will all be together again since December 14/15 at the Muse shows in Melbourne! And, for those musers who didn't come down to Melbourne, this will be the first time I get to meet them all, and vice versa. Then afterwards I'll head straight to the airport to catch my flight back home to Melbourne.

So pretty much I'm looking forward to this trip a lot! I'll be independent and travelling solo! Not to mention I'll be in the presence of insane music and amazing people!!

That's my trip planned for next week; but while in Melbourne I still have things to do this week..

Tomorrow is my friend Elly's 18th birthday! Friday afternoon just gone I spent with Emma and Kaitlyn making Elly a photoboard for her birthday, which looks fabulous! And today I spent the day with Emma, and Kailtlyn for part of the day, putting the remaining photos into a scrapbook. Scrapbooks and photoframes/boards are something that my group of friends tend to do for one another when our birthdays come around. It mightn't sound like much but, believe me, they really look good. And it's nice to have something like that to look back on. Elly is also going for her drivers licence tomorrow, so I really hope she gets that! Then, if we can sort something out, a bunch of us might take Elly out for some drinks, seeing as how she'll officially be legal! However, Thursday night will be Elly's official birthday dinner, so either way we'll all be getting together to do something for her :)

Also, while at Emma's this evening, after the beautiful lunch that Kaitlyn made for us during the day, Emma and I decided to make an Orange Cake. I had to leave before it had finished baking, but according to the feedback I've heard from Emma, her family approved of it! So now we've caught the Baking Bug and tomorrow during the day we've said we'll go on a baking spree! In order to do that though I'll have to get up relevantly early, which in my case means before 11am, so that I'll be able to walk down to the shops so I can get some ingredients to cook with! Depending on how it all turns out, I might post some pictures of whatever creations I come up with, lol.

However, for now that's all; just thought I'd post a little bit of an update cos it's been a while since I posted a random update, lol.

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